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War on the Universe


When the big bang theory first emerged there was a lot of push back; the idea that the entire universe came from a single point seemed to elude to the concept of creation. Absolutely everything coming from a single point, that is absurd! As time passed the idea that this could be proof of a creator slowly vanished. Instead, the mere fact that we were smart enough to figure out a mechanic became a substitute for purpose.

Scientists quickly ran into problems with the theory and needed to come up with an explanation for things like the horizon problem which is why they invented inflation; a mathematical equation to justify the entire out come of the universe.

There is a fundamental problem with this and that is even if you can formulate an equation that has a proper result, it doesn’t actually mean the equation or numbers are correct. With algebra one of the first things you learn is that you can’t solve an equation with two unknowns such as X+Y=2. The result doesn’t change but X and Y can literally be anything.

As science figures out more and more they are constantly running into X+Y=2. This is why theories like the universe is a hologram are starting to emerge. This is a declaration that we are starting to hit a wall. Some will broadly prescribe a the gap God theory without starting to acknowledge some fundamental issues that are starting to emerge that are not only theoretical but also most probably improvable and without proof science is as accurate as religion.

Who will pick up the pieces as more people start to discover the difference between mechanics and purpose? The worst case scenario is religion because this would just make everything worse for everyone. We must instead focus on each other because it will only be with true collective intelligence that we can move past our limits.

Money Can’t Change The World

imgresTwo people are stranded on an island. One person has a trillion dollars in cash and the other has nothing. It doesn’t matter if the trillionaire pays the other person one dollar or a trillion, the other person will not be able to build an airplane to get either of them off the island.

The above example also applies to the entire world population. An infinite amount of money does not mean an infinite amount of output. If we want to change the world we must understand that money can’t change the world, only human allocation can. If we want to cure aging, for example, we need to have more researchers. So far money has been our best system for human allocation. There is, unfortunately, not a very strong connection between changing the world and making money. A person in Africa building wells that will save thousands of lives might make significantly less than a Starbucks franchise owner.

To fix this problem involves mixing both capitalistic and socialistic ideals. Money that is collected in the form of taxes need to be distributed based on performance of philanthropic capability. This of course is currently faux pas because anyone who is doing charity work shouldn’t be making good money and this is completely backwards thinking. If money is our best method for human allocation then people doing things to help the entire world should make the most. Philanthropy should be a competition; we should be competing over who can feed the most people.

Bother conservative and liberal ideology are incorrect in regards to economy. While private enterprise can create quality, it cannot create wide spread quality. In contrast, while governments can create universal services, it cannot create universal services at peak quality. The best political system is one that utilizes socialism for infrastructure and capitalism for quality services on top. Infrastructure includes everything that allows humans to physically survive; these  include water, air, shelter, military/police, food, healthcare, roads, fire fighting, and garbage collection.


Understanding Random

People like to use the term random without actually really understanding what random means. The term random simply means an event has so many variables or inaccessible variables that it can’t be fully understood. Random is ignorance of the variables involved. When the variables of a situation can’t be accessed for one reason or another, science resorts to using statistical models. If a statistical model has any degree of success it is because it is picking up on constants indirectly.

In an attempt to explain the order in chaos I have built a new project which ca be accessed by clicking below.

Click Image Below To Launch Project


Essentially what this project does is take a series of very standard waves and combines them to build a more complex wave form. You can play around with the different settings to get all kinds of interesting wave forms.  The more waves you add and change, the more complex the final form will become. If you were not aware of all the different waves that went into creating the final form, you would have a very difficult time trying to figure out how it was created.

Another example would be to drop a dice down a very small tube and then slowly increase the size of the tube on additional rolls. As the tube got larger it would become increasingly difficult to predict how the dice would land. In the same way, in the above wave example it might be easy to guess or predict a wave form if it is only made up of two waves, but it would become increasingly difficult to predict as you added more.

The problem is that because random activity is built on orderly components, it can sometimes mislead us to believe we can predict it. In real life we have another name for it, we call it luck. What we consider luck is more a product of timing than any innate characteristic that gives us an upper hand. There will always be the temptation of trying to figure out how things work by looking at a final form, but we must aggressively resist this seduction. We can only gain true understanding by analyzing the underlying orderly components, not the final production.

Blurring The Lines

bionic hands

Jason Koger is one of the first people to have two complete bionic hands. After losing both his hands, using technology he now has the capability to grasp things as small as jelly beans. Advances like this one support the idea that technology is rapidly integrating directly with us as opposed to being simply an auxiliary source of information or capability.

As technology becomes more advanced something very apparent rises to the surface. What we consider to be advanced technology is simply us catching up with nature. The primary difference between technology and traditional nature is that we have far more control over technology. As advanced as we often think we are, all our technology really does is replicate things in nature. Let’s use a car for example. While a car may not have any organic material present besides oil, a car functions very similar to the human body. It takes in food (gasoline) and then converts this food into energy which is utilized to execute its primary function of movement. While engaging in this process it does other similar things to us as well, for instance a car has filters and this is the same function our liver serves.

Soon we are going to start running into issues between what our technology can accomplish and our ideals. For instance, we all want to protect trees (for the most part) but trees are highly inefficient at clearing the atmosphere of pollutants; we require a significant amount of trees. What if with technology we can create a better tree? What if this new tree was almost indistinguishable from current trees?

The answer to this question is that humanity should come first, but we should make sure we are not jeopardizing ourselves by implementing brand new technology too quickly. With anything brand new there is always the potential for problems. We can mitigate this risk by not implementing new technology too fast. That said, we should never dismiss technology for the sole reason that it is in conflict with our existing ideals because our ideals can always change.

Unified Glory

glory-sunshine-from-the-edge_1152x864_71915I have talked in other posts about how so much of our lives is dictated by certain genetic traits we are born with. For every blessing I have received in my life I am always acutely aware of how I won a genetic lottery in order to be the person I am today. The average human likes to think they are completely responsible for their life and every event that occurs in it is the result of some action they did. No matter how much a human deludes them self, this simply is not the case. Human will power can accomplish a lot but it is not without its limits on an individual basis.

Some have exploited these ideas for profit such as the book “The Secret” which makes the claim that you can obtain anything you want if you just think about it enough. Of course the theology of the secret is merely a mask for satanism, not so much the religious satanism, but the satanist concept of self enrichment through aggressive self gratification. It misses the point that selflessness is a form of selfishness; everyone benefits when the world is a better place.

What humans are all increasingly interested in is the idea of improved quality of life and, fortunately, technology is allowing for the human race to take more control of this than ever. We are all trying to make strides to help the world, but a lot of humans are still falling through the cracks on a daily basis. Part of quality of life is the ability to experience glory. There are those will never truly taste any glory during their life time, and this not only makes me sad, it is also unfortunate. Every human being should have the chance to be recognized for accomplishment. Glory is most often the product of an action or event that helps humanity. Now it might seem impossible to expect that everybody could experience glory in their life times, but I think it is actually possible. That said, it would require some fundamental accomplishments by humanity.

1. End Aging
We need to stop aging. One of the primary reasons a human may not accomplish something noteworthy in their life time is because they don’t have enough time.

2. Reduce Population
An unfortunate consequence of a large population, besides the strain on resources, is the fact that the more humans you have the more likely they will end up doing menial things.

3. Improve Automation & End Scarcity
We are finally getting to a point where we can have automatons start doing things like cleaning up. This will allow humans to focus on much larger goals.

4. Improve Education Methods
The education system is terrible because it requires learning through brute force memorization. We need to create better methods of assimilating large amounts of data.

5. Space Travel
True space travel would allow for a significant increase in glory opportunities.

If we could accomplish even a small portion of these goals, many people would live much more gratifying lives.

Manifest Reality

There are two types of fear, the first is the fear created by personal survival. The second is the fear of change. We will throw out success and run away from things that are good for us to avoid change. We think we know and understand fear such as the serial killer, the nuclear bomb, or global warming. Our most common fears regarding survival are easy to understand because we can formulate solutions even if they would never work.

I can almost certainly assure you that in the next one hundred years you will long for the days when nuclear war seemed like a legitimate fear. Technology is moving off the screens and into our bodies and this is going to have profound implications. What will you do when you are told that all your accumulated experiences are irrelevant because in seconds you can become anything you want? You might think this is amazing but think of the implications. If you can become anything, who are you? If you choose not to act, you could find yourself scraping the bottom unable to compete with genetically improved humans. What if you were offered the ability to lose the capability to commit evil, would you accept it? If you accept it, would you still be you?

What we call science fiction is starting to fall behind what we are actually accomplishing. The biggest challenge we will have in the future will not be about weather or murderers, it will be about existence. We will try to escape it by chasing media and digital worlds but the gleam will wear off. When the gleam runs out you will be left to make very serious decisions that will have dramatic effects on your life over very short time frames.

Now, more than ever, we need to become architects of the future. We must face the coming challenges now, not once they arrive.

Eckhart Tolle is a Drug Dealer

lake yogaYour ego causes you so much stress, you need to let go of thinking and discover your true soul. This is the path to freedom and peace.

The above statement is true but that isn’t a good thing. It is very true that meditation and discovering what people call your true center can have a certain peaceful affect on your psychology. However, this could slow our progression down as a race and have some other unforeseen consequences.

Every human action is powered by the ego. Every action derives from want. Your desire and need to find peace, and think about peace, is also driven by your ego. The mental gymnastics people are playing with themselves to “view the viewer” is a method of giving you peace through release. When you surrender, you give up the need to become more accomplished. This is why the most spiritual of people will either be those at the very top who can’t really accomplish much more or those at the bottom who can’t seem to accomplish anything.

To surrender the need to accomplish is no different then taking a drug to override your senses. While people might think they are casting off their ego what they are actually doing is reprogramming it. The very method of meditation is a mechanism for psychological programming. Whenever you have a thought you discard it and you stay focused on the present. When things bubble up to your consciousness and you discard them you are telling your unconscious that these things don’t matter as much because the whole purpose of the consciousness is to prioritize importance.

Don’t get me wrong, meditation is very important to do. In fact I endorse meditating some what frequently. It is like cleaning out a closet. What I don’t endorse is to stop caring or to delude yourself in to thinking you can actually stop caring. No one seems to find it odd that these people who have discovered how to truly stop caring, care so little that they need to tell everyone about it?

“A trait that we call empathy, a trait that completely vanishes if everyone simply accepts everything.”

We have incorrectly demonized selfishness. Every philanthropic action in the world is a way of forming a better world for ourselves. When we vilify selfishness incorrectly it is not good for society. Are you evil when you feel hunger and selfishly want to eat? Of course not. We create a hyperbole where on one side of the spectrum we have people who give away everything and live in poverty (saints) and on the other you have these evil business men who take money for services. The ego is a core to our selfishness and it makes us want to accomplish things. That isn’t to say it is perfect but it actually has done a some what decent job so far in progressing us as a human race.

I want to change the world, or at least try. If I stopped caring and simply accepted life for what it was there would be little motivation for me to do so. In a Brave New World a drug called soma was discussed that had zero biological side effects. This drug allowed the “beta” working class to do horrible jobs but get through it. I can’t help but believe that spirituality revolving around the attempted casting off of the ego is the soma of this society. It’s a way of allowing people to deal with, sometimes incorrectly, the dissatisfaction with their lives.

The main problem is that right now we can’t support everyone being satisfied. Someone has to clean the sewers. However, we’re trying to fix that. We can get workers out of the sewers with technology but that technology might not be developed by someone who is satisfied either, it might be developed by someone who just needs to pay their bills. At a certain point there will be so many improvements that we will enter what I call the second phase. In this phase we will be able to live in ways that right now we can’t even think or dream about.

The difference between say Eckhart Tolle and I is that I believe that dissatisfaction is necessary to improve the lives of all humans where as he thinks that everyone can just learn to deal with their terrible situations. He is a glorified drug dealer. People who work in sewers should not be happy about what they’re doing because then who would be interested in getting them out of that situation? Our need to help others stems from a trait that we call empathy and this is a trait that completely vanishes if everyone simply accepts everything.