Introduction to Elolight

When looking for answers people will always find them, whether they are wrong or right is determined by who the person is influenced by, and their external perception (whether others think they are correct) is determined by faith or belief in something. Faith in the divine, or belief in the natural. The fight between belief and faith has been on going since the dawning of civilization; the core argument point boils down to a core concept, whether real or fake, which flows through everything and that is the concept of God.

The problem of the current concept of God is that it changes interpretation based on the person being communicated to. Through a significant amount of cultural influences, even if you’re an atheist, when the term ‘God’ is heard things will flow to mind both abstract and literal which ultimately has very little to do with human ascension and discovery. You might think of angels, Jesus, zeus, satan, or whatever possibly tangible mythical creatures have been associated with the concept of God in an attempt to pull something into our universe which was never supposed to be. The true power of the God concept was what God was not, not what could or should be.

Elolight is a re-imaging and expansion of the God concept, Elolight is not God, it is something far more. The term derives from two words “Elohim” the name of God(s) in hebrew, and light. The first word representing the intangible God concepts, and the second word representing the core essence of all life and revelation. When defining Elolight, I have defined three grammatical usages of the word which the word means Simultaneously.

1. Verb: Ascension

This represents the human’s capability or the possibility of consciousness leaving the human body. Further ascension also represents gaining new levels of comprehension that we currently do not possess. In addition, it also represents the process of accomplishing the previous tasks.

2. Noun: Destination

The destination could be considered ‘God’ however in the process of Eolight new levels of comprehension would be obtained, making our current understandings or beliefs in the destination invalid. One could use the term Elolight to refer to all previous unsophisticated manifestations of the God concept such as Jesus, Zeus, or Thor as primitive elolight. However, it is very important to understand that primitive Elolight is not Elolight, and Elolight does not possess human characteristics or tangibility.

3. Adjective: Quality

The third usage represents defining things which go into Elolight. For instance love could be described as highly Elolightistic. It helps define things which contribute to ascension, and the destination.


Elolight represents a destination, and the purpose of the concept is to encourage the forward motion of humanity. Every branch of humanity, science, philanthropy, and art all represent a process of Elolight for obtaining the current epitomes of human aspiration. At the current time these would be logic (science), love (philanthropy), and maps (art). However as we approach Elolight, further aspiration will emerge as we gain levels of aspiration, ideas I will explore in further blog posts.


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