Epitome #1: Philanthropy / Love

Of the three branches of ultimate human aspiration, Love is the most emotional. In fact it is so powerful that most people would choose to rather define it, while others try to reduce its importance and effects by explaining it over scientifically or saying it is simple chemicals. However, the human aspiration of love is one of the most currently known important aspirations there is. While reduction may seem naive, the primary trait of love and philanthropy is giving. Unfortunately in our current state we are incapable of pure love or pure giving, since even the purest form of giving has the selfish intent of try to improve the world which would ultimately affect the individual expressing the love.

Our selfishness to improve the world for ourselves by improving it for others is not a bad thing however, it is the driving force behind Elolight, and the latent selfishness will be present until such time we arrive at the ultimate destination. That said, all philanthropy should only be done for one true reason, you do to others as you would want done to yourself. If Love and philanthropy is expressed as a means of gaining power, recognition, or any other purpose besides improving the world from one self, corruption can quickly arise. We all know someone who uses Love and Philanthropy in such a way, to make themselves look righteous or to improve their personal quality of life, and I am sure those who have been exposed to such individuals know how easily it is for them to turn against you or act in corrupt ways. The true value of Philanthropy to Elolight is improving the world for oneself by improving it for all others, not in short term gains.


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