FSM (flying spaghetti monster) error

One of the primary tools of atheists is to use the statement flying spaghetti monster as a way to invalidate the existence of a pre-existing God. My personal belief has shifted so much that I have a hard time associating with atheists or theists, but regardless when I see this come up I can’t help but cringe. The first reason is the idealistic God, not the god of religion, is something worth believing in regardless of its current existence. In the same way I can believe in world peace even though it currently does not exist.

The problem with fsm or comparing God to any fictional entity is that God, specifically Elohim, is intangible and fsm if it did exist would be tangible. For instance if Santa actually existed I would be able to touch him, this isn’t the case of god. So saying God is as real as fsm is a logical fallacy, one could say God is as real as karma, but the fsm argument is apples and oranges.

It is very important to all theists to believe in a pre-existing destination, God is also used as a way of rationalizing and justifying pain. This is less of my concern, I am more interested in the concept’s power and if a destination already exists, great, even better.


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