Impossible Envy

As my weltanschauung has changed, so has my perception of people. In many ways realizing how little control you have over your life gives both a sense of release and great sadness. Everything about humanity is about control, control over your life, control over your choices, and some people believe they can have control over others through super natural means. When you come to the realization that a lot of the control you think you have simply doesn’t exist, it will force you into the flow.

One of the first negative emotions to go was that of envy. Let’s imagine for a moment a hypothetical person that we will give the name of ‘new’. New is better then you in every way, he has the job you want, the car, and his wife is physically more attractive. Worse, he accomplished all of these things and is younger then you. Envy first and foremost arises from selfishness, you want what New has. However, envy also arises for a complete different reason; you feel that you should have the same things or be at the same place in life and yet you’re not.

However New is only in a superior situation because of reasons he did not choose. Maybe he is smarter then you, he didn’t choose the brain he was born with, and neither did you. Maybe he was born to parents that had more experience and education which helped him get the job, something else New didn’t choose. So if you’re envious, you’re envious of things that couldn’t be any different. You could hyper retrospectively analyze all the choices you made, but the choices were made and you can’t go back in time and change them. Humans are like seeds, if you plant a seed in a proper environment where it gets proper water it will grow strong and beautiful. However, if you plant the seed under a bridge it may not a grow at all. You didn’t choose where you were planted, and neither did New, so what are you envious of?


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