The Deceit of Spirituality

Spirituality is an emotion and it has been hijacked by the religious and the mystics. The feeling is one of awe, humility, a sense of connection, and awareness of being part of something greater then yourself. When Carl Sagan talks about the little blue dot, it is a spiritual experience, however we don’t allow ourselves to define it as such. The very term, spirit, refers to something that exists outside of our realm. As children, we constantly have spiritual experiences and as we get older we start redefining things because of culture, and segment our emotions to only emerge under particular circumstances. The next time most people have a ‘spiritual’ experience it is usually in the context of religion and since it has been so long since they experienced the emotion they assume that everything they are feeling must be originating from the religious source.

It doesn’t matter if it is Christianity, Islam, or Hinduism the emotion of spirituality is independent from them, but because the emotion is not as common they use it as means of control and value. Since it is not common each religious adherent simply assumes that the way their religion or religious figures makes them feel is entirely unique to their belief, and the other beliefs do not have the same experiences, this is a lie – if this were true there would only be one religion because the spiritual emotion is so compelling.

What’s worse, is that outside of religion people use spirituality as a form of elitism and it is often associated with extreme eccentricities. They indirectly proclaim that they have connections and messages other do not, and this further pushes people away from experiencing this very powerful and moving emotion. They also may claim to have a ‘perfect’ knowledge as many mystics do, this in itself is highly flawed because the knowledge we posses currently is limited to our current comprehension. A chimpanzee’s ‘perfect’ divine knowledge would be fundamentally simpler then our current understanding of the divine. As we continue to evolve as will our understanding. Inside the flow, perfection is completely arbitrary, and if we can obtain the perfect knowledge now at our current state of evolution it means we will never move past where we are now.


3 thoughts on “The Deceit of Spirituality

    1. Jonathan Wagner Post author

      While not everyone believes it, there are a lot of people who think emotion is a bad thing. My personal opinion in that emotion moves the world, and even when something appears to be unemotional, there is often times underlying motivations. A good example of this is in business where emotion is seen as a bad thing, but most successful business men will say that listening to their ‘gut’ is important. In fact in reminiscences of a stock operator, the idea of successful stock traders following their gut is a common theme. The gut is nothing more then an emotion that lets you know without complete understanding whether something is good or bad.

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