The Flow

Perfection is always arrived to by a series of mistakes, if no mistakes occur it is because they have already happened in the past and the gathered experience has been passed forward through education or genetic memory. Most things that occur in our lives are predictable, we most likely know what will happen at work tomorrow to a relative level of certainty. We aggressively desire predictability to such an extent that many humans will spend hours in video games because of their predictability. It makes sense, predictability correlates directly to survival. For instance, job security directly relates to a roof over your head, and food on the table. However, if the universe was always predictable and conformed to a reality we think we want, the entire human race would become stagnant. We would merely exist with no forward motion whatsoever; we would survive, but Elolight would be impossible.

The flow is what I refer to as the force that motivates change. It is the mistakes, the unpredictable events which force us to change and evolve. The unexpected job loss, the car accident, the death of a loved one, or the lottery win. The flow is what moves life in such a way that it makes it worth living. It is the unexpected innovative dream or vision you have that can change the world, or when you expect one thing to happen and the exact opposite does. The flow is constant, sometimes loud, and constantly changing. Like a river that can carve out canyons the flow is so incredibly necessary for the human race that it must be protected at all costs.


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