I often think man does not contemplate perception enough. It is through our perceptions we witness life, we make choices, and we live; yet our perceptions can change and with it our world and by accident the worlds of others.

One night as I ran, the longest I have ever ran, a normal road stretched into the abyss, the lights ran away into the night. Then when I turned a corner, the last stretch before home, I witnessed something spectacular. The road I had been on thousands of times before changed. The trees were more vibrant, the lights radiated ethereally, and a feeling of awe came over me. The final stretch became an oasis to the end. Pain and suffering was the catalyst for the beauty.

I wonder if we all could see the mundane as an oasis if our world would change. It would be transformation that would happen instantly, and the only thing that would change is our perception. How can Elolight be reached with different perceptions? Surely understanding of each other is necessary, we must find a way to radically integrate with  another person’s perception, if only for a moment, to gain the necessary understanding of how they see the world.


3 thoughts on “Perception

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