Work vs Pleasure

In pursuing Elolight, one may ponder the difference of work vs pleasure to try and maximize one’s personal forward motion. The reality is that both pleasure and work are fundamentally the same except that pleasure usually has less consequences. An example of this would be tiger cubs play fighting, while they are enjoying themselves the actual act has educational purposes.

In fact most entertainment is a form of education, even the craziest fiction, however the usefulness or educational value varies greatly and the lower the quality of educational content the easier it is to mentally digest.

Other forms of pleasure through usage of drugs is a way of artificially deriving the rewards of accomplishing things without a significant amount of effort. The argument might be put forward that emotions are not work, but an emotional response is simply a reaction to an act which is work. If one is emoting it means that some act has been accomplish by either oneself or another. Keep in mind that the act of doing nothing is still an act.

Pleasure is very important because it can potentially minimize catastrophic failure and keep you in The Flow. However, one must try to minimize artificial sources of pleasure unless they are absolutely necessary for one’s personal functioning. This is not to say that one should stop doing things they enjoy, you only have one life after all, and it should still be lived.


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