The Architects

As you live you will often hear of people dead or alive that help change the world in fundamental ways. I define Elolight Architects as anyone that is helping ascend the world. However an Architect isn’t necessarily good. Hitler was a consequential negative architect by forcing the entire world into The Flow, but evolving through painful means such as war can be a very slow process. A true Architect is one that first and foremost encourages forward human motion in the most positive way possible and in doing so moves the entire human race towards Elolight in as rapid a way as possible.

The positive Architect doesn’t necessarily adhere to any specific belief system, instead, their focus is on the utility of beliefs. They help people move in and out of The Flow when they innovate or help change the entire direction of their life or the life of others. Above all else the Architect recognizes that the purpose of human life is to evolve and ultimately ascend and they embrace the fact that this is part of their essence. Even if they try to escape their purpose, they are playing their role in moving the human race forward. They are not restricted to the methods of any particular time frame, however, they embrace that the future is where our ultimate objective is and therefore favors modern methods and are constantly looking for ways to evolve the human race directly. In addition, the Architect tackles the moral issues arising from the emergence of new technologies and comprehensions to figure out the best methods to make them comply and work with Elolight.

The quality and production of a positive architect varies greatly, from a child who stops bullying of another to the researcher who is figuring out ways to regrow organs. Over the next few weeks I will post profiles of both major and minor positive Architects that I feel are helping take the world to the next level.


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