Humans & Physical Labor

In a Brave New World by Aldous Huxley saw a world made up of two different castes. The ‘Alpha’ caste was the higher level caste capable of full mental function, and the lower caste ‘Beta’ was designed to do manual labor. While the ideas were compelling for the time things are happening now that Alduous simply could have not known about. The first is the idea that there would be a need for a Beta class at all, what we consider a beta class now is rapidly being replaced by automated labor such as robots. This makes the idea of artificially reducing human intelligence, to gain a working class, an absurdity of the highest order. Further, the society he defined is actually very similar to our society where intelligence is rated by educational institutions and then you’re slotted into a job by organic and environmental means.

In pursuing Elolight a moral standard should be that we never allow human intelligence to be artificially down graded. Doing such a thing would be disastrous for the human race, it would completely stop our evolution and move us backwards. In fact every effort should be made to do the opposite, we should strive towards allowing everyone to become a rocket scientist and slowly migrate all of our manual processes to robots. There is a complete separate discussion that can be had regarding artificial intelligence, but we need to focus on what is the most important thing for the human race at the current time and that is Elolight.

“A moral standard should be that we never allow human intelligence to be artificially down graded”

However, as we move manual processes to robots this will introduce new problems which the Architects will need to discover solutions for. If work is migrated to the automatic this reduces the human’s value as a creature of physical labor and the concept that every man must have a job to survive will be threatened.


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