Don’t Just Function

Steve Job’s speech on death is becoming highly quoted, but the underlying message is probably being ignored by most. When all is said and done, it won’t matter how you made your living or if you made a living at all. Your instincts will drive you to function, society will pressure you to make the choices they want you to make. If you ignore them, they will resent you for not living the way they are living you, and if you’re successful? They will hate you.

This is not a conversation on conformity or conforming to some subculture in an attempt to be unique – this is about making choices that contradict what society would like you to do. This is about staying in The Flow so that you can carve the world. Staying in The Flow is not easy, because life is unfair but if you are here chances are it is too late to turn back. Contrary to popular culture, I won’t tell you that success is guaranteed if you just try hard enough; this fallacious message is spread by the already successful to contribute to their own success (usually in the form of books). However, what I can assure you that the effort will always be valiant even if in the end you lose everything.

That said, while you can’t choose for anything to be successful, you can increase your chances. Make sure everything you do has a reason, do proper research before jumping anywhere, and then strap on your goggles and prepare for an insane ride.


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