A Fundamental Change

One thing we can be sure of is that what is true today was not true 200 years ago. Imagine travelling to the past and telling someone we will be able to send messages at the speed of light or travel rapidly around the world via airplanes. It is interesting to note that our reality is starting to outpace previous science fiction; video feeds were always shown as broken and crackling yet we are now getting to the point where video streams are crystal clear. For the most part we have naturalized to all this technology. However a large change is coming that will affect the human race in more fundamental ways then any previous technology.

Imagine that one day you wake up and looking at your car you decide you want to try a Lamborghini today, so  you press a button and your car dissembles and reassembles at the atomic level right in front of you. We are rapidly approaching a time where scarcity, a fundamental motivator for choice, will no longer exist. We will be able to change anything into anything and the question will no longer be what you want but what you can imagine. Molecular Nanotechnology is on its way there and while it might sound crazy to us now, our future selves will know it to be possible.

Every choice a human makes involves the concept of scarcity which is the fact that you can never have unlimited resources and even if you did, you would lack the resource of time. As we approach changing manufacturing and eliminating aging what we choose to do in life will be very different then what we choose now and this will be a critical learning period for Elolight.


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