Microcosmic Consciousness

We are in the process right now of creating realities. The realities we are creating are virtual, but they are realities none the less; so any notion that consciousness cannot create a reality is incorrect. However when Atheists and Theists clash, the arguments will reduce down to something like this, “If God created the universe, what created God?” or “If God could exist, why couldn’t the universe just exist?” However, as our intelligence has increased we have discovered something new, and this is fractals. The concept of a microcosm affects almost everything in our universe. A branch that has smaller branches, and those branches which then have even smaller branches and with this the answer is, they are probably both wrong. The most interesting thing about fractals is that concept of start and end doesn’t exist; any start or finish we assign is an arbitrary value we add so that we have somewhere to start analysis.

Atheistic View
The atheistic view of reality for the most part is a static entity. Even if they believe in multiple dimensions, they can contain it all within a much broader scope of reality. Within reality, chemicals lined up correctly which lead to the existence of consciousness that could perceive reality. Consciousness has no capability of moving out of reality, we will indefinitely be locked to the rules of this reality, and our only escape would be through the creation of alternate virtual realities.

However, a point that most atheists skate around or avoid completely is the fact that even if consciousness didn’t exist before evolution the rules for such a thing had to exist a priori. So consciousness was a latent capability of our reality even before we came into existence. This does not validate a preexisting consciousness, but it does validate preexisting concept.

Theistic View
In the theistic view you have a preexisting consciousness which created reality, and then we came into being either through creation or evolution, but the majority of religions believe in creation. At this point again we are imprisoned in this reality, except this imprisonment ends at death where if by chance you have chosen the right religious stance you could escape this reality into an above reality to join the preexisting consciousness.

However, this view delineates God; things have a start and an end. While the concept of an infinite God is given lip service, the actual implementation of such a theological view doesn’t make any sense when applied against existing religious ideals.

Elolight View
In the Elolight view there is no start and there is no finish. There is no chicken or egg, there is only state. Reality and consciousness recurse infinitely. The concept of a consciousness could be a synonym for an external dimension. An example would be we create an artificial intelligence that became self aware in a reality we built for it. It is quite possible that this AI would never know about us or our reality but it is not impossible.

Ascending would be moving upwards and then viewing our reality in entirety in a similar way to how we could view a virtual reality.


6 thoughts on “Microcosmic Consciousness

  1. bert0001

    in your drawing, elolight is limited …
    but there is no limit to fractals,
    and their up/down-scaling
    your drawing is probably limited.

    is consciousness on the lowest or the highest level of the fractal scale
    if you say it is on all scales, then your drawing is not correct either.

    Maybe consciousnes is non-conceptual?
    Any approach to objectify it may be crippled?

    I like the article!!!

    1. Jonathan Wagner Post author

      The moment you convert a fractal to an image it has a perceived starting and finish point even though there is none. For instance I start with consciousness, but it can easily start with reality, and be at any size. The idea is that with a fractal you can scale in and out infinitely and at any level it would look relatively the same.

      Consciousness is at all levels, as is reality.

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