The Morality of Piracy (copying)


Humans are designed to duplicate, it starts at our birth and works down to the very cells that make us up. Our entire existence comes from cells splitting to make an exact copy of each other and so it is no wonder that when it comes to duplication a large amount of people simply have no problem with it.

The common argument against piracy is that it hurts someone, however, we don’t stop innovation simply because it will put people out of jobs, if that was the case, we would have to roll back about 2000 years of innovations. As a software developer I know that the biggest threat to my software isn’t pirates, it is other developers who are always trying to build the next best thing. There are ways to stop piracy and that is simply to create experiences that can’t be copied and that includes community, service, and support. In the case of musicians, live experiences cannot be replicated.

The funny part is that the biggest reasons for piracy is not the pirates but the very industries that are trying to stop it. Greed led companies to figure out ways to make things for cheaper, not only so that they could create more product, but also so that they could reduce their costs. These savings weren’t passed on to the consumers, instead the money filled bank accounts of companies that refused to really innovate and now have money that will never see the light of day or help contribute to society in any way and yet they are angry about a margin of people who don’t pay for products that they themselves want to charge at an exponential premium.

“Trying to force scarcity on a race of beings who are bent on eliminating it is not going to work in the long run.”

It is about to get a lot worse. Technology is currently developed that allows for 3D printing of real items and even ones with moving parts. The technology is getting cheap ($1700). So what happens when people start printing lego blocks and other products which used to be purchased from a store? Are we going to have police doing raids on homes looking for illegally manufactured items? The reality is our economy needs to change in order to adapt to the fact that scarcity is rapidly becoming less of an issue and trying to force scarcity on a race of beings who are bent on completely eliminating it is not going to work in the long run.


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