Being Wrong

In an amazing talk by Kathryn Schulz she talks about the value of accepting when we are wrong and she gives this very memorable quote, “The feeling of actually being wrong feels like being right.” The idea is that when we are actually in the process of doing something that is incorrect it doesn’t have any bad feelings associated with it.

As we move forward we will be wrong more often then we are right but this poses a substantial difficulty to us as a race. Our egos always tell us everything we are doing is right, so simply put we are always our biggest fans even when we are being self-destructive. It is psychologically impossible for someone to be wrong until they admit to themselves they are wrong. It doesn’t matter if everyone else thinks they are wrong, the person won’t think they are wrong until they admit it to themselves. We all believe that we have the right religion, are doing the best for society, and are making the right choices but in reality this is rarely the case.

“The quality of your life does not determine truth, it only proves good circumstance.”

How can we figure out if we are making the right choices? Objective realistic reflection. True reflection can only be done by communication with others who disagree with you and it is only through this conflict that truth can be discovered. It is far to easy to surround oneself with copies of yourself, people who are your fans, but this is a recipe for disaster in the long run. A common thing people will say to themselves to justify their religion for instance is, “Well my life is so good it must be because I follow God <insert name here>.” However this doesn’t make any sense because people in all religions have good lives and, further, some people that humans consider evil could have what most consider to be a “good” life. The quality of your life does not determine truth, it only proves good circumstance.

I know I am right about this………but I could be wrong.


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