Waging New Wars

When it comes to war, humans are the biggest hypocrites there are. The common ideology, “war is terrible” doesn’t stop us from going and seeing movies about it or being pinned to the TV screen when the news is on. Let’s face it, war regardless of any other value has the value of being interesting. We are drawn to the anomalous and we enjoy war for the same reason we slow down on a high way to gawk at a car accident. This is no accident we are all drawn to The Flow and if our lives are completely predictable we will be drawn to anything that deviates from the normal. Sure you can have people give lip service to how horrible war is and people who have experienced it on the front lines may actually despise it but to all the outsiders, it is the most interesting thing there is.

The problem is though that war involves real people and real tragedy. To the people actually affected by it, it can reduce a person’s life to shambles and despair. This is no good for Elolight and if we are to truly move forward we have to make sure as many humans are capable as possible and their lives are not being destroyed by things like war. However, war should be waged but not on each other.

If our lives are completely predictable we will be drawn to anything that deviates from the normal.

The first thing that wants to destroy us is the universe, not consciously  of course, but indirectly. Whether it is an exploding star, a collapsing universe, or a world ending meteorite – the universe doesn’t care about us. This should be our #1 war and in fact I believe it is worth getting angry over. Most scientists say we have several billion years before our sun goes and I say, why wait? Let’s figure out a way to create our own suns and not let anything astronomical be the controllers of our destiny.

Our next war is on our bodies. Not only do they die but they are also riddled with failures. Our bodies, as impressive as they are, seem uninterested in the fact that we not only don’t want to die but we also do not want to grow old and frail. This is also a war with waging. The true question is can we get as energetic and excited as we do about biological and astronomical wars as we do about human wars? That is a question, unfortunately, I do not have the answer to yet, but I think it is worth figuring out.


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