Pope’s Godless Technology

The pope came out with a statement that “Godless Technology is Dangerous”. While I believe that religion is a huge hurdle to Elolight, he is actually half right. The reason he is partially right is because we are starting to get to a point where technology is going to have critical implications on the human condition. This really wasn’t an issue before because everything we have created to date has just made things more efficient and did not necessarily threaten core understandings we have always had.

Now we are looking at things like life extension, spontaneous material creation, and cloning. Humans are always born from a mother, live, and then die but now these concepts are being seriously threatened. The reason the pope is half right is because if we are developing technology with out a goal, that can be dangerous. If we are innovating and creating simply for the sake of doing it we could find ourselves in a very bad place, very quickly.

If we are innovating and creating simply for the sake of doing it we could find ourselves in a very bad place, very quickly.

The idea of Elolight is not to inspire religious or ritualistic behavior but instead it is discovering our drives as humanity and applying it in a practical way so that we can figure out what we are going to do moving forward. There is ultimately two ways we can move forward, the first is with reckless abandon. We develop and innovate and hope everything works out but there is a good chance that we will develop something that we don’t know how to handle as a society. The other option is we start talking about these things now and getting laws passed proactively that insures technology develops in a predictable and useful way instead of leaving us yearning for the dark ages.


2 thoughts on “Pope’s Godless Technology

  1. Robert

    So, there ought to be a law to channel innovation? Who will be the enlightened lawmakers to craft such laws?
    Safer to build what there is a market for and hope God has already planned for this contingency imparting enlightenment through the Freemarket and/or crowd sourcing!

    1. Jonathan Wagner Post author

      Not channel innovation, stop atrocities. For instance, technology that is specifically designed to down grade human intelligence. https://perfectdivine.wordpress.com/2012/03/15/humans-physical-labor/

      Also how the free market should function versus how it actually functions is two very different things. To say the free market can sort things out is highly idealistic, but the reality is when you involve politics and human rights violations it stops being free. What makes the free market actually free is the policing that goes on to make sure everyone plays fair.

      The law makers that would craft such laws don’t actually exist yet. I personally call them Architects, and this is also a purpose behind the H+ movement.


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