The Fit Problem

The fit problem is a problem that all mainstream religions or any religion claiming to have a truth directly from God has. The problem is the fact that what people believe and want “God” to be does not fit in with their own texts and further does not fit in with time as a complete whole. The best example of this is modern day Christianity, the primary text of this religious philosophy is made of two parts. The first is the old testament which is actually the holy book of the Jews (Judaism) and the second part of the book came into being after the death of Jesus. The lack of fit is that the first part of the book outlines a certain a set a rules and the second part of the book literally overturns some of them. Despite that this is glaringly true, the adherents of the belief system still espouse that God is unchanging, morality is not subjective, and that truth is absolute. How could this possibly be true when God could overturn on a whim what was true for one set of people.

It’s not the believer’s fault of course, most are raised and taught to believe these things and it becomes a fundamental part of their psychology.

Further, in the case of Christian based religions there is the concept of Judgement, however, this judgement would have to be completely relative based on the time the person died within because, for instance, Jesus did not exist 3000 years ago.

It’s not the believer’s fault of course, most are raised and taught to believe these things and it becomes a fundamental part of their psychology. In the grand scheme of things even if they are completely wrong it is not a problem as long as the belief system causes utilitarianism, as Architects we are concerned with forward motion above all. There are many ways to Elolight and truth doesn’t necessarily have to be one of them, but the odds of getting there without truth are improbable. These religious belief systems often don’t cause utilitarianism, and if they do, it is usually temporary. Religions will usually force a morality stagnation and so instead of morality improving it either gets worse or stays the same. Without moral evolution, we would not be able to eat shell fish according to the old testament. Further, physical conflict can be created simply over philosophical ideas and this is the worst type of conflict to resolve ideas because it depletes resources that would ultimately be used for the idea that would arise as the victor.


3 thoughts on “The Fit Problem

  1. 2b14u

    As a parent, my rules change because of the actions of my sons and because of the attitudes they present. My rule base did not change, but my rules did. God does not change but human action and attitudes change how the rules are laid down, used, and presented. At the beginning of the Bible, God’s heart has always been ‘I want you to be my people and I will be your God’ (paraphrased). In the end in Revelation, it still is written there “I shall be their God and they shall be my people.” A very unchanging beginning with fruition at the end. Some things do not seem to fit because we do not follow the heart of God and we look with human understanding.

    1. Jonathan Wagner Post author

      While I don’t support modern day Christianity, I do support most, if not all the teachings of Jesus. The main problem is that the old testament was designed for the Jews, and most of the teachings of Jesus have been skewed quite substantially to support a very pagan like belief system that revolves around the council of nicea.

      When I talk about rules changing, I am not talking about trivial things. In the old testament eating shell fish was literally the same as being a homosexual (they were both called abominations). In the new testament the diet rule was completely thrown out, as illustrated by what is put into your mouth does not make you unclean. In Matthew 5:38-48, Jesus completely throws out the eye for an eye rule. This isn’t a rule discount, this is a rule base change.

      What I can say is that Christianity as we know it today has nothing to do with being a christian. Jesus made some things very clear that aren’t followed by a lot if not most Christians. Here is a quick list.

      1. Salvation has nothing to do with accepting Jesus as a savior or a god (luke 10:25-28)
      2. A christian should never make promises to man OR god (Matthew 5:33-37) (this is ironic because there is a huge male christian convention called the ‘promise’ keepers)
      3. The only valid reason for divorce is adultery (Mark 10:2-12)

      It is very Christian to challenge mainstream religion, in fact, this is what Jesus did. I follow his example in this regard and refuse to fall in line with religions that tell me they have the truth and yet promote pagan like concepts and don’t know their own texts.

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