Perception Convergence

In an interesting article on CNN today, perception was discussed and how easily it can be modified by context. In a much earlier post I pondered perception and gave an example of perception modification that was brought on by physical strain. Imagination and perception can be great and wonderful things, most of the time but it can also lead to reverse motion destructive conflict. As Architects we don’t necessarily want to stop conflict, because conflict can put people into The Flow, which when resolved can lead to evolution and progression. We do however want to limit destructive conflicts that can reverse work that has already been done.

Our alternate perceptions emerged as an extension of our need to survive and as a bi-product of our evolution. The way we perceive the world might be completely different then the way our ancestors saw the world but it is really impossible to know. Our only hope is that through technology we can start to bridge the gap in a meaningful way and create mechanisms to start gaining psychic integration with one another. This is not to say we should eliminate alternate perceptions as a means to form a singularity, Elolight is not a singularity, instead we must create the technology so that we can gain insight into another’s perception of reality.

We must create the technology so that we can gain insight into another’s perception of reality.

A goal of Elolight will always be to help converge human perception. We already have certain characteristics that make this some what possible such as empathy but the fact that we cannot literally see through another persons eyes, both literally and metaphorically (feeling what they feel), creates great hurdles for Elolight attainment. No where can this be witnessed more then in a debate of a convicted Christian versus a convicted Muslim. They will both argue aggressively and both, whether they admit it to themselves or not, truly believes that if the other person knew the way they felt or knew what they knew, their opponent would change their minds. The reality is that both actually feel the same in both conviction and intensity but their lack of perceptional insight makes it impossible for them to realize this. As Architects we can try to shift their perceptions but it may be completely useless and the only thing we can really do in the above case is to prevent destructive conflict (stop them from killing each other).


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