Fighting Nature

Ants, my favorite insect, have been known to build very large and impressive nests. Hypothetically, if ants could get to the point where they could regularly build sky scrapers, would we look at ants and call them unnatural? Only with humans do you have such a level of arrogance that we believe the things we make are outside the scope of nature. Some humans go to great lengths to defend primitive nature, sometimes even going as far as putting their own lives on the line to do so, but not only is this wrong, but the value of what people call “natural” is relative to where we are at as a human race.

If we as humans don’t make ourselves the #1 priority there is no value to the universe and every creature that has died, or will die, in the process we have identified as evolution has died in vain.

Nature doesn’t exist to exist in some kind of harmonious nonfluctuating state, it also doesn’t exist to support us in particular and we don’t exist to support it either. Nature exists for one reason and this is to promote evolution and progression. If it wasn’t meant to do this, simply put, we would not exist. Cities are are our forest. While I am aware that my views of this will not be popular with many, there are some very important delusions I must point out regarding nature.

1.  Nature is Peaceful
When strolling through man made parks we get a skewed view of what nature is actually like. If you believe that humanity is so bad with our murders, you haven’t seen murder on a larger scale until you enter a rain forest. If you’re any creature in a rain forest (heck even if you’re a human) you’re death by murder is around 50%+, so that means you will likely be killed for food or defense by another creature if you’re living there.

2. Nature is Efficient
Trees while the best mechanism we have right now for cleaning the air, and creating oxygen (and really one of the primary reasons we want to defend primitive nature) are horribly horribly inefficient. If they were actually good at their jobs, we wouldn’t need a ton of them, and Global warming wouldn’t be an issue. Tree’s weren’t designed to support us, instead they were designed to feed off us. In fact, using technology we are coming up with better and more efficient ways to not only clean the air but also create oxygen. However, that said, clear cutting down forests wouldn’t be suggested since we don’t have such systems implemented yet.

3. Humans are “unnatural”
We are completely natural, everything we do and all of our inventions are made in this universe. To believe our cities are doing some kind of disservice to the world is an illusion of arrogance; that we are some how outside the scope of reality. Imagine for a moment that you are an ultra advanced entity that is living in an ecosystem that we can barely fathom right now and you looked at the human race. Not only would you see a mix of forests and cities, but you also wouldn’t point to one and say that forest is nature and that city is not. In the same way we wouldn’t point at an ant nest and say that’s no longer nature.

Protecting primitive nature is important because it provides us a significant amount of resources, however, trying to create sustainable solutions that some how have to work with primitive creatures and plants is a waste of time if we can create our own ecological systems that are sustainable and benefit us directly. We should not focus on trying to make things work with what is already here if it is too difficult. If tomorrow all the humans died off because of a nuclear war, nature would come back, because that is nature. There is no guarantee that any of those creatures that come back will have any form of compassion at all, or ever even have the possibility of exploring space or creating universes like we currently do.

If we as humans don’t make ourselves the #1 priority there is no value to the universe and every creature that has died, or will die, in the process we have identified as evolution has died in vain.


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