Remembering Yourself


When considering how we can become something greater then ourselves or how we can improve ourselves a lot of people will ask themselves how they will be remembered. Indeed this is a very important question to many. Everyone has the desire to change the world and to be remembered but there is a far bigger tragedy then not being remembered by anybody and that is not remembering yourself.

The word responsibility will often be abused in order for someone who could be extraordinary to remain ordinary.

When a life becomes so common and so cohesive that you can’t actually remember what you did yesterday but instead you just draw on what you have always done, that is a tragedy. The biggest tragedy of all is if it is easy for you to change your life in a fundamental way but out of an illusion of security, you don’t. The word responsibility will often be abused in order for someone who could be extraordinary to remain ordinary. It is your life and your experiences, to not experience is to not live. Not everyone is in a place where they can simply quit their job, build a product, or go back to school. Circumstance is circumstance but if you are a future Architect you will choose to make the critical decisions that will put you into The Flow because you realize that your impact on the world and modifying human consciousness is far greater then any simple desire of instinctual self requirements.

When you choose that remembering your life is important and that the value of the experiential far out weighs the value of the predictable or comfortable you will not only have a life that you can remember but there is also a far higher probability you will also be remembered by others.

When Matt quit his job and took his life savings to make a video of himself dancing around the world , I doubt he could of predictable it would go on to be one of the most watched videos on the internet with over 40 million views. Matt chose The Flow and it reaped him great rewards. Check out his video below.


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