The Most Popular Girl


I once met two girls who were very close friends. The one was a brunette russian who spoke four different languages and the other was a blonde who came from Canada. The brunette believed that taking chances was important and believed in nature and spirituality. The other didn’t really appear to believe in anything.

I met the two ladies out of an act of Spontaneity, a friend requesting they come with us in the excitement of the night. However, the flow has an interesting way of pulling people to the surface. Up to this point the blonde had always visited the same bar, and did the same things. When suddenly she was pulled out of it for a brief moment and it forced her to put her entire life into perspective.

The blonde informed me that at one point she used to be he most popular girl at largest high school in Quebec, and now she informed me she was doing nothing with her life. When I asked her what she wanted, she told me to go home and sleep. I then re-asked the question of what she really wanted in life and everything. She went on to tell me that she wanted to stop feeling sorry for herself and do all the things she knew she could. Unfortunately a conversation as heavy as that would quickly end the joy of anyone’s night, and she left shortly after.

Every moment we can either consider the second we lost or the second we are about to gain.

The most popular girl turned void is not a new or even unique story. However, it is a tragedy. Despite the quality of one’s character, being in a void of regret, self loathing, and what could be is very sad. This has much larger and broader applications. As a race we tend to get caught up in our previous success or happiness. We call it nostalgia and it can bring everything to a screeching halt. While this is not true of everyone, some people will get caught up in a desire to get something back which they used to have and instead of doing new things it is almost as if they sit and wait for them to re-emerge. Life can either be about loss or gain, every moment we can either consider the second we lost or the second we are about to gain. While subtle, the later opens your life up to many more opportunities.


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