Instantaneous Education

20120421-003745.jpgWe spend at a minimum 15 to 25% of our time on this planet learning things that we already collectively know as a race. Over time we have created better and faster mechanism for data assimilation and transfer through things like books and standardized education, however, this is a serious problem because not only does education take such a large portion of our life away, the fact that we don’t all collectively have the same core knowledge functions, such as math, makes the knowledge spread inconsistent and unfair.

Worse still, education poses a serious financial burden not only on the governments that support it but also because of lost productivity and lost income of society as a whole. Now governments should not cancel education and in fact doing such a thing would completely destroy any opportunity for Elolight which is at the core of all my beliefs but we must figure out a better way to transfer knowledge.

It is very important that we set a moral precedent that predefined or instantaneous education is restricted to core literacies and history only.

When a company has an expense margin one of the primary ways to try and reduce it is through increasing efficiency. This is step #1 to reducing the expense of education to society; we must do everything in our power to make it more efficient. We can easily evaluate how good our education system is by how quickly the average child can learn something. Right now our systems required an ungodly amount of patience and, despite major advances in interactive, education through the class room still seems to be the most efficient and this is rather tragic because it has been this way for so long.

There are a lot of fictional possibilities out there such as brain flashing where we could create and store data by turing the right neurons on and off. We could also possibly modify children at the genetic level before they are born to extend their instinctual pre-existing knowledge of function with things like math and reading literacy. There is a concern with all of these possibilities and that is that humans could be given specific education to make them more likely to choose certain philosophical beliefs. It is very important that we set a moral precedent that predefined or instantaneous education is restricted to core literacies and history only because otherwise we may find ourselves building a very inflexible and motivated army.


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