Opinion Confirmation

Our opinions move us. Every choice we make has some form of opinion attached to it. Even if the choice we make is made out of pure emotion, the emotion is an expression of an opinion of the mind. When something bad happens you may become sad because it is the opinion of your mind that that is the appropriate response. Everything is an opinion for the most part because, for instance, someone can become sad over something if they are lied to and believe it to be true.

Because our minds are driven by opinion, all humans are in a constant state of seeking confirmation. This has profound implications because it means that if you can identify an opinion someone is seeking to confirm you can gain a great amount of control over that person for good or evil. A direct implementation of this is in sales. A common sales technique when trying to steal business is to ask a potential client what problems they are having with their current service provider and then go on to confirm the potential client’s opinions that they just expressed. They may have a stronger need to work with you because if you perform properly, you would confirm their opinions.

There is a major problem with our opinions though and that is we are usually wrong.

Opinion confirmation drives most religious beliefs. Picking and choosing dogma, “sign” identification and coincidence marked as miracles all revolve around one main premise – we all want to be right. In psychology it is labelled as the ego and in Kabbalah the ego is the selfish driving force that pushes us to want to unite with God. There is a major problem with our opinions though and that is we are usually wrong.

The reasons we are wrong vary a lot but what they all revolve around is ignorance or the lack of perfect information. Every opinion that the majority believes is wrong revolves around this. Racism for instance is the ignorance of people, assuming that the actions of a few represent the majority when they don’t. Once we realize we can be wrong, and be wrong a lot, the first thing we will want to do is try to prevent ourselves from being wrong. In business figuring out if we are wrong or right is pretty simple, it is reflected in our bank accounts. In everything else it is much trickier.

If it an artistic opinion, you most likely will confide in a group of people who will agree with your opinions or if you’re interested in being more accurate will seek opinions outside your circle. Generally, artists who seek confirmation from a small circle of similar minded people generally create lower quality work and you will never hear of them. This is no surprise, since conflict and competition generally create higher quality products.

It is very important that as we seek Elolight we never let our opinions become too solid and we always try to keep our opinions in The Flow. When it comes to other people we should not use our knowledge of opinions to manipulate them but rather to get people to leave behind the security of believing an opinion can be absolutely true.


4 thoughts on “Opinion Confirmation

  1. bert0001

    likewise your blog is just an opinion. repeated thoughts become opinion. commenters on your blog like to read your opinion, hence they must share part of it. is there not something you forgot: that some opinions are more inspired than others, the value of this over that, the value of a world brotherhood over a nazi exterminator opinion. how to check whether opinion has more value than an other opinion? isn’t this the challenge of all. We tend to see a more enhanced compassion as more valuable than a less encompassing worldview. More ignorance, smaller world. however, if you think your opinion is better or has more value than an opinion that is more ignorant, how will you avoid becoming the next pol pot?
    And another question following is that if you think of every opinion being of high value, how do you avoid a democratic system being abused by a majority of ignorant people to move down into a stalinistic system? elolight is just an opinion – it might not be of any help – it might be a lesser truth to aliens looking for their own mirrored opinion in the universe …
    how are you going to get out of this swamp i just created without the use of dogma?
    I’m just teasing, i like your blog, but i’m also trying to challenge your worldviews 🙂

    1. Jonathan Wagner Post author

      Ultimately our opinions can only be confirmed by others. A correct opinion will at some point become like a virus and spread through a population. The best example is that of the flat earth, there was a time when the majority of people believe the world was flat but the correct opinion ultimately ended up winning out. We all want to believe we are right, the opinions I express I also want to be correct but it is only by others belief in me that I could ever be correct. There is always the risk that when you’re expressing an idea you will never be heard or believed but it is a risk that has to be taken because otherwise there would never be a chance for change.

      Elolight in particular I have never thought of being a majority opinion but rather a belief of a select elite guided few that help move the world towards progress. I believe this because religious beliefs generally just try to out do each other or replace each other with similar or minor differentiation; I don’t believe joining that fray would be of any benefit to anyone. I also believe Atheism fits into this group because it also just acts in order to replace. Elolight on the other hand is a guiding opinion that is designed to work with in the restrictions of current day dogma and mythology.

      There maybe another post I write about this, but essentially scientists have discovered if you can get 10% of a population to believe in something, and they are unwilling to change their views, that belief will spread to the rest of the population.

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