There is an on on going fight over the capability of life in our universe. One side will say that life on earth is too exceptional to not have had a divine origin while the other group says that our existence is merely a cosmic coincidence and their opinions will be validated as soon as we discover life on other planets. The reality of the situation is that both groups are being too hasty because we have not discovered enough of the universe to say how exceptional or non-exceptional we are. While at first glance it appears amazing that such a specific amount of variables lined up to create us, we can’t really know how amazing it is without discovering the universe. However, the discovery of aliens is not only irrelevant but a complete waste of time.

A lot of people that are under an assumption that if we can discover life on other planets this would some how benefit us, that religions would cease to exist and would some how usher in human peace. Anyone who believes this fallacy just needs to look at human history to see how flexible religion can become to accommodate facts that challenge their very essence. This is not taking into account that, hopefully only a minority, percentage of the human population will start worshiping the aliens assuming they are actually intelligent.

Our goal should be to become so advanced that we could solve their problems and not the other way around.

There is something even more sad, almost pathetic, about the seek for extraterrestrials and that is that a lot of people think they can help solve all our problems. This is completely obtuse thinking, our goal should be to become so advanced that we could solve their problems and not the other way around. Do we really want to be a race that has to run to a ‘daddy’ race every time we have problems? Of course not. This is not to mention that, according to Stephen Hawking, there is a high likely hood that if an alien race does discover us they will want to either conquer us or steal our resources. In addition, if we actually discovered life that was intelligent there is a plethora of concerns including both biological and political that could make things much worse for us.

We don’t want to be the discovered, we want to be the discoverers.


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