Eating Meat

As we look at what it is to be a post human and strive towards Elolight, a big question is what should we eat. When it comes to eating meat there is two very separate issues that need to be considered the first is if eating other animals is a correct action, the second is how do we go about obtaining the meat that we do eat.

On the first issue of whether eating other animals is morally correct, the question is not if it is correct but how does it benefit us. While it might be self serving, in the grand scheme of all evolution a chicken’s value is now how valuable it is to us. If we some how try to say that chickens are some how are equals and deserve some kind of human rights we would be spitting in the face of the billions of creatures that died and went extinct to allow us to be at the level we are currently at. Animals eating other animals is not something special to humans, even chickens themselves are omnivores. Also some of the happiest chickens that are alive today exist in human custody on free range farms free (for the most part) from the dangers of being mauled to death by foxes or other predators. For better or worse we also support the survival of chickens, there is about 23 billion chickens in the world. Morally saying that when we kill a chicken we are committing “murder” starts to get in to some very strange areas of what is right and wrong. Should we hold a lion accountable for its actions if it kills a gazelle? Murder as a term should be restricted to an entity killing another entity out of hate or wanton self gain, not personal survival.

Industrial production of chicken harvesting is horrible, but it is not the most horrible thing in the world.

The second issue is how we go about obtaining this meat. Industrial production of chicken harvesting is horrible, but it is not the most horrible thing in the world. To put this into context, right now there are human children starving to death or living in situations that are horrendous. These issues, in my opinion, should be confronted first before we start on tangents about how we going
about obtaining meat from lesser creatures such as chickens. That said, Elolight is ultimately about becoming an idealistic perfect view of ourselves, and in that situation we would not be killing animals but we are not perfect yet. Eating in itself is generally a burden, it takes a lot of time and resources. In a perfect scenario humans would be able to survive from eating less or on the rare occasion simply for the pleasure of it and not because it is absolutely necessary to survive. So there are some greater issues that need to be addressed first before confronting other possible moral issues of production and that is as a race we need a lot of food. This could possibly be fixed with technology in the future that can create fake meat.

I some what think of vegans as valiant, unless of course they believe they are some how better then other humans for abstaining from eating meat. Human survival and pleasure is far more important right now then the well being of other creatures, that is not to say that we should be abusive to animals or not try to improve their situations if we can, but we should not sacrifice humans or belittle humans in order to do it.


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