Today’s Caste System

When I was in grade school we had to read a book called A Brave New World. For those of you have not read it the gist it is a futuristic society where people are bred to either be hyper intelligent to be leaders or dumb to be the working class. These two classes were called Alpha and Beta. The teacher’s eyes went wide when I informed her that I not only thought this society was bad but that this was the way our society was now.

What we have now is an incredibly cruel system. We peg people based on intellectual capability as defined through a very linear education system. We then tell people that they have complete freedom and can do whatever they like but, whether we admit to ourselves or not, this is a lie. Not everyone can be a rocket scientist or a neurosurgeon and in some cases it might not only be a psychological restriction but a physical one that prevents a person from doing something. These lies are devastating because it makes an uneven playing field. We have drugs that can help make people smarter but they are illegal. If someone lacks the motivation to say study then it is their fault but really it isn’t their fault it is a combination of environment, biological, and circumstance that dictates whether they are motivated or not.

We turn a blind eye to our modern day caste system.

In a brave new world Huxley, the author, expresses the idea that we need to have a dumb or beta class to get manual labor done and that a society of intelligent or alpha classes would not work. I completely disagree with this idea; I believe everyone should have the highest intelligence and motivation possible and manual labor should be traded off to automatons.

We turn a blind eye to our modern day caste system. We look at people working in factories and we say things to ourselves like, “They are free and they could be successful if they really wanted it.” or, as with many successful people, delude ourselves with this line, “I am no different then those people working in a factory – they are just not trying hard enough.” All these statements are a way to make humans feels superior because admitting that they were given a certain set of advantages would make it feel like they were some how cheating and most humans, even if they know they are cheating, don’t want others to know it or admit it to themselves.

Ultimate equality is not achievable right now because we don’t have the technology yet. However things like mind enhancing drugs should be allowed to have different prescription rules for those who need them. We should not force perfect equality on a society that can’t handle it because we’re not equal biologically; Some people have higher capabilities then others. We have to accept inequality for now but we shouldn’t accept it as our final reality.


One thought on “Today’s Caste System

  1. bert0001

    I agree on almost all aspects here. I noticed this many years ago. We are not born equal, and will never be, because are genes must be different. However we should be born with equal rights and maybe equal opportunities. Such is not the case in the USA today. Neither is it in Mexico, or India or Brazil. In india it is much worse, regarding the a caste system that is 4000 years of age. It seems that those in power, always want to keep that power by building society the way they want to keep it. Old countries like England and India have more problems than recent countries like Canada or Germany. Germany had to start from scratch rebuilding a society 65 years ago.


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