Believe in Me

In my blog on Opinion Confirmation I talked about how our opinions move us and how our opinions can often be wrong, but when a radical new opinion emerges how does it get confirmed and spread through an entire population? New ideas emerge all the time but for a new idea to take hold it takes a group of brave strong willed individuals believing in the ideas to make them a reality. While it might take a certain amount of courage or maybe insanity to be the first to express radical ideas those ideas will go no where without believers.

Anthropology has shown that the tipping point for ideas is 10% of a population. When 10% of a population believes in an opinion the opinion will begin to spread like wild fire and the rest of population will begin to believe. This mean that if 10% of the world came to believe that we must work together to accelerate the human race to the next level of conciousness, something I have labelled as Elolight, it could spread to the entire population at large. Things like world peace are not impossible if we realize that world peace is only one step to where we need to go.

I would like to believe that my ideas on spiritual and technological ascension, neo humanism, and God creation could stand on their own but I know this is impossible. My ideas are only as valid as the people that believe in them. While I can’t guarantee believing in me will lead to some form of after life, I can guarantee that we as a race will live and can get to a point where we build something so amazing that it makes gold roads and clouds look simple and boring.


One thought on “Believe in Me

  1. shangreene

    I would suggest that more that 10% of the world’s population, in fact, does believe in creationism – considering that 95% of the world’s population believes in God in one way or another. And yet, science’s theory on evolution continues to make headway…


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