War on the Universe

In my post, Fighting Nature, I discussed the importance of humans making humanity the #1 priority and the delusion of harmonious and peaceful primitive nature. Humanity has a lot of threats and one of the biggest being humanity itself. However, contrary to what a lot of idealists portray, war is not the biggest threat to humanity. Short of a catastrophic nuclear war that managed to wipe out the entire world, the victors of war are always humans and therefore humans will continue to exist.

The biggest threat to humanity is not humans but instead the rest of the universe and possibly other life on this planet. A world ending meteor, plagues, solar collapse, and global warming are all bigger threats to humanity then just war. As the world globalizes its economy, war is increasingly becoming a less viable option because of integrated economic consequences. So the biggest reason for peace is no longer mutually assured destruction but instead it is mutually assured economic collapse.

let’s stop waging war on ourselves and wage war on our truest enemy, the universe.

As we strive towards Elolight we must realize that our biggest enemy is actually the universe. A large amount of things do not care about us and will feel no emotion when wiping us out. We have evolved fighting the universe and we have not evolved because the universe has helped us in any way except for letting our building blocks exist. A lot of people may look at humans and our small planet earth and say we are insignificant and they would be right – that needs to change.

We haven’t discovered any other intelligent life in the universe yet and that means for all intensive purposes the universe can be ours. We don’t need to remain small. We can populate the entire universe and, quite possibly, bend the entire universe to our will if we are quick and don’t wait to be wiped out.  So let’s stop waging war on ourselves and wage war on our truest enemy, the universe.


4 thoughts on “War on the Universe

    1. Jonathan Wagner Post author

      I think that is a complex question. Though I think there is an easy metaphor. If you have 3 kids and are barely surviving, you should not have another kid.

      Forced abortion is really bad, China did it and it ended up having the opposite effect of what they wanted. Abortion isn’t really the problem though, it is unwanted pregnancy. If you can stop unwanted pregnancies you won’t need abortion.

      Getting back to the main point though, if we have the space and the resources there is no reason why the human race shouldn’t be allowed to grow. Unfortunately I don’t think we can really do any kind of population control that wouldn’t be draconian in nature. So I think our only real option is to secure more land and resources utilizing technology as quickly as possible so we don’t get into a worse situation.

  1. I am Sam

    Yes, it is a complex question when you consider the multiplier effects of increased crimes, diseases, diversification of religion and other social institution which normally results in wars and conflicts. Even with all this in mind and technology at our grasp, the real question is whether the positive side of humanity will evolve quickly enough to eliminate such threats that come with advancement.


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