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Socialistic Capitalism & Healthcare

The arguments over social healthcare in the United States have been raging for several years, and they will continue on even with Obamacare being passed. However most of the arguments coming from the conservative right revolve around this idea that the free market can solve all issues. This is historically inaccurate during medieval times the Vatican profited greatly and more recently we had the robber barrons; the pure capitalism experiment has been tried and failed. The flavor of capitalism that the United States has is not a pure capitalism instead it is a capitalism built on a socialist state. This particular unique flavor of political system is what let the USA and other first world countries sky rocket in the past 200 years.

Roads, fire, police, hydro, and electricity are all controlled and funded by social means through taxes. Not only does this benefit massive companies like Wal-Mart but it also helps the small entrepreneur easily enter the market at a relatively low cost compared to if they had to build their own infrastructure or rely on other private companies to build it for them. The argument may come back to quality but just as you do not need a Ferrari to get from point A to B, you do not need the highest quality services for everything either.

Ron Paul has made the claim that healthcare is not a right, however, according to the USA’s declaration of independence this is not true.

“That they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” – Declaration of Independence

Now in my universe health is a synonym for life because when someone’s health fails, their life ends. If you do not take care of your health then you will die faster. However there are a large group of Americans who believe you should have to pay for your right to live. I involuntarily received a condition called Ulcerative Colitis, it doesn’t have a cure and the cause is unknown. Luckily I live in a country that does not penalize people for things they did not control because if I lived in the USA I would of now fallen under the pre-existing condition category and would of had a very hard time getting insurance. My week long stay at a hospital would of wiped out my savings.

Economic implications aside, human health should be a right. As humans have evolved our scope of rights has increased and that is not a bad thing. Clean running water never used to be right, or education, or security. If we can’t afford universal healthcare the answer is not the private sector, which has already proven it will do everything in its power to let people die, but rather figuring out ways to make it cheaper. Cure more diseases and cure aging/death are all possible and viable options. However, what is definitely not an option is allowing people to be treated in animal stalls.


Atheism = Theism

Neil DeGrasse Tyson has an interesting quote which goes as follows:

It’s odd that word ‘atheist’ even exists. I don’t play golf, is there a word for non-golf players? Do they gather and strategize? I can’t do that. I can’t gather around around and talk about how much everybody in the room doesn’t believe in God.

If you’re new to my blog, essentially, my belief system revolves around accepting the power of certain concepts (such as God) and their ability to motivate and change as opposed to believing in actual physical entities which may or may not exist. This puts me in a particular limbo area where I can objectively understand and sympathize with both atheists and theists but I don’t exclusively believe either are right. However, the more I encounter adherents from both sides I have discovered that both atheists and theists believe and do the following:

  • Believe that they have the ‘real’ truth
  • Believe in some form of morality
  • Gather in groups and talk about opinions
  • Have books they revere
  • On average mate with people with similar opinions
  • Cannot with 100% certainty validate the existence of God with facts
  • Believe in tradition; atheists with Scientific method and Theists with religion
  • Have Charities
  • Take donations
  • Influence Government policy making

The reason atheism exists is because it represents a new social organization. It is not simply an opinion, but a religious like group. The fact that this grouping is occurring ultimately leads to the grim conclusion that just like religion different forms of atheism could emerge and these groups could ultimately engage in some form of war. Just like early Christianity these groups are fractured. Most atheists will contend that the only reason wars happen is because of religion, but this is a gross error, wars happen because humans are imperfect and if you analyze most wars they are done over real-estate and resources; religion is used as a powerful catalyst to get humans to go to war but the underlying selfish desires that lead to war remain the same regardless of the name of a particular God or in the future, lack of God name.

Atheism as an organization is spending all of its time trying to prove a negative which is a logical impossibility.

Atheists will also contend that their belief is based on logic and rationality but there is a massive irony to this. In a conversation with Ayn Rand (a well known atheist) she herself proclaims that, “you are never called upon to prove a negative.” If a theist confronts an atheist with the statement, “prove God doesn’t exist” the atheist, if they know their retorts, will come back with the line “you cannot prove a negative.” They may then go on to say something like prove that a unicorn doesn’t exist. The massive irony is that atheism as an organization is spending all of its time trying to prove a negative which is a logical impossibility. They have whole books, such as Dawkin’s God delusion, which offer up absurd philosophical arguments trying to validate the non-existence of God. This allows them as an organisation to spend an unlimited amount of time trying to come up with arguments why God doesn’t exist and gives strength to their social group through their superfluous conversation which is all built on top of trying to do the logically impossible. It is time we stop fighting over the philosophical and look towards what we want to accomplish a human race and not the religious opinions we should hold.

Alan Lightman, a physcist,  has this to say on religion, war, science, and death:

Certainly, human beings, in the name of religion, have sometimes caused great suffering and death to other human beings. But so has science, in the many weapons of destruction created by physicists, biologists and chemists, especially in the 20th century. Both science and religion can be employed for good and for ill. It is how they are used by human beings, by us, that matters. Human begins have sometimes been driven by religious passion to build schools and hospitals, to create poetry and music and sweeping temples, just as human beings have employed science to cure disease, to improve agriculture, to increase material comfort and the speed of communication.

So while even if atheism is the future, it will ultimately lead to more of the same. I once had an atheist say to me, “If everyone was atheist there would be world peace.” to the atheists confusion I started laughing and I replied, “I have heard a similar quote before and it was from a Jehovah’s witness at my front door.” If everyone could share a similar opinion, regardless of what it was, there would be world peace.