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Getting Lost

In Sanjay Gupta’s book chasing life a survey was done and it was discovered the majority of people would prefer to have a shorter life at full quality of life then to have a longer life with flickering at the end. Quality of life was seen as more important then length of life to the majority of people. Imagine for a moment that you were given two options and once you picked one you would forget you made the choice. The first choice is that you would live the next two weeks of your life doing incredible amazing things and by the end you will have the thought, “I could die now because I have done so much” and you actually did die. The second option is you could live to be 80 but you will never do anything exciting and instead you will report to the same job, doing the same thing every day, with a possibility that something might interesting will happen but nothing ever does.

Chasing life is a marathon which doesn’t have a finish line.

Most people choose the second option when deciding to make choices with their life but when it is said objectively the first option seems much preferable. There is an idiom that is constantly used and that is, “live your life like you will die tomorrow.” I don’t necessarily recommend this because you will probably find yourself the next day without a job and having set all your possessions on fire. The way you should live life is the way it truly is, you will die. It doesn’t matter how healthy you eat, how well you take care of body, or even if they find a cure for aging. You are going to die. Chasing life is a marathon which doesn’t have a finish line. This doesn’t mean that you should purposefully do things that will shorten life span, but you shouldn’t waste so much time on it that it replaces the life you could live.

Life shouldn’t be about doing the things that we are having robots do. The human experience is so much more then selling another trinket. Elolight is about creating improved sunsets, not contributing to a production complex only. One of the easiest ways to discover life is to purposefully get lost. Getting lost safely can lead to a world of discovery. You might feel getting lost will reduce your life span, but I can assure you that if you never get lost you will certainly never find anything.


Marx Promoted Capitalism Accidentally

The biggest mistake Marx made was informing the group he referred to as the  proletariat of what they would ultimately do. Marx believed that a series of events would occur which would ultimately lead to socialism and communism all fueled by the engine of capitalism. Capitalism would eventually turn over after a widespread proletariat revolution and there was a high probability this would of happened organically but because of activism it stopped.

Instead of a wide spread revolution what you got was micro revolutions that occurred from company to company in the form of unions. The unions demanded higher wages and then got them. This effectively increased the standard quality of life for the average proletariat which made a wide spread revolution improbable and most likely impossible.

Marx believed, some what as I do, that as the means of production got better this would slowly make capitalism collapse in on itself. If you get good enough at producing things then less humans are needed and less will have jobs and ultimately this group may become cohesive and demand the abundance. The biggest irony is that the biggest hurdle to a socialist/communist revolution is greed by the proletariat. By visualizing a socialist utopia, the proletariat instead of letting capitalism run its pure and absolute course which would of lead to what they wanted instead demanded the changes now, the problem is that society is not actually at a point where it could ever support something like pure socialism or communism. We don’t have super abundance.

If you need to wait 10 minutes for bread, you just spent 10 minutes of your total net worth or the cost of the bread was 10 minutes.

Super abundance means that if the means of production were taken over by a co-operative there would be so much there would never be a wait. If you have to stand in line to get something that is your personal currency or money, it doesn’t matter that it does not have a physical representation, it’s still a currency. Let me elaborate, if you need to wait 10 minutes for bread, you just spent 10 minutes of your total net worth or the cost of the bread was 10 minutes. If you want to get a new car and the wait is 6 months, the cost is 6 months. If there is any form of waiting super abundance does not exist. The problem with these systems is that the people in control end up with more time (currency) because they can get things faster. It’s capitalism but instead of rewarding innovation or passion, it rewards authority. This is the problem with all modern day political philosophies on socialism and communism they negate the fact that currency will always exist as long as there is scarcity. The only difference between communism and capitalism is that in communism the currency is in time and the people in charge of the time didn’t have to do anything to get more of it. This will of course lead to a drastic decrease in quality of life because corruption is much harder to prove.

The only difference between communism and capitalism is that in communism the currency is in time and the people in charge of the time didn’t have to do anything to get more of it.

In order to have a wide spread revolution you would need a wide spread discontent. The problem is as the means of production increases the capitalists can continually to marginally increase the standard quality of life for their workers to make sure a revolution never happens. However, even if you could have a revolution what would happen? It might work temporarily but because of the issues stated above, and the lack of super abundance, people’s quality of life would drastically decrease which would ultimately lead people back to capitalism and proclaim these other political systems do not work.

The dream, in my opinion, of Elolight is super abundance where we can get anything we want or need in almost an instant and there is a fundamental change in human psychology. However, we cannot jump directly to this because it is impossible. Implementing political systems that may work far far in the future now will only set us back when they ultimately collapse and force us to get back on the original course we were on.

Self Enslavement

Most of the modern world acknowledges that slavery is wrong. Slavery prevents humans from being flexible which is needed for the race to adapt to rapidly changing conditions in both technology and the environment. Once we have freedom one of the first things we try and do is figure out what we should enslave ourselves to. The major difference, of course, is that if you choose to follow something it is your choice and you weren’t forced into it by anyone else. However, instead we now have unconscious slavery which is actually superior to physical slavery because if you can convince someone to do something and make them believe it is their choice they will work much more aggressively.

The best example of this enslavement is through religion. Religious leaders will get adherents by presenting people all the benefits of joining a religion, leaving out the history, and then tell you, “it’s your choice.” Having grown up in the Church, I can tell you that there is no choice, it is an illusion. While you’re being moved emotionally by nice music the religious leaders will say that if you are feeling called that you need to convert. There is no long logical conversation, or weighing of options, the emotional atmosphere drives people to do the conversion. This is not limited to any one religion, all religions do this, and everyone who makes a conversion will say they felt compelled or knew it was the right thing to do. They ignore the fact that a manipulative environment was setup or that their choice wasn’t really a choice at all it was “life or death.” It’s not a choice, it is an ultimatum.

I talk about Elolight as a driving force but it is not a master and it also isn’t a choice. Even if you were never made aware of the idea that humanity is striving for something or even if you don’t believe in God, you are still moving the entire race forward. It might not be much but you’re still doing it. Even a person in complete suffering is moving the world in some form or another. Your actions merely affect the speed at which we move forward.

I don’t believe spirituality is about submission; I believe it is about progression

As religion is starting to break a new form of enslavement is arising and it is masking itself as spirituality. If anything can make you perfectly happy it is an enslavement. Joy and happiness are very important things but if anything promises you absolute happiness and peace it is disingenuous. Discontent moves the world, if humans stayed content we would all still be living in tents hunting every day. Imagine we had infinite resources, should we hook up everyone  to machines so they can live in a complete heavenly world while being pumped with drugs? While we think we want perfect peace and happiness the fact is we don’t; if that is all we had, there would be no value to joy and happiness they would become bland and boring. These new spiritual trends promise and may deliver this happiness by requesting you submit and accept things. They explain to us that we are not masters and we should simply submit to the “masters of the universe”.

We are the masters of the universe, the sun does not wish to own the universe, God does not wish to own the universe, but we do. If you believe in God all you need to do to prove this point is look at scriptures. In the old testament who was given the authority to name the animals? Gods of scriptures did not create this universe so that we could simply be puppets. Organic life is the only thing that could come to control the universe and the best creature that we are aware of that has this capability right now is the human race; all other creatures are simply concerned with getting tomorrow’s meal.

While I do talk about spirituality on this blog let me make the clear distinction that I don’t believe spirituality is about submission; I believe it is about progression. I truly believe that anyone who preaches submission based spirituality is only doing it so that they may be, by proxy, in control of you whether they know it or not.

Evil is Not Senseless (Evil Part 2)

Whenever something evil happens one of the first things people try to do is devalue it. The most popular of phrases is that particular events were “senseless” or had no meaning. All around the world bad things happen to people and the events are disregarded. Evil not only has a purpose but devaluing it is very dangerous. In the same way a rape victim may become promiscuous in an attempt to devalue sex to make the event that occurred to them “meaningless”, humans could be pushed into doing evil things in an attempt to devalue things that have profound implications.

By disregarding evil events as meaningless we stop asking the most important question of why?

If you touch a hot stove you will burn yourself, you didn’t want to burn yourself, and no one around you really wanted you to burn yourself but it still happened and it needed to happen so that you will know not to do it again. In the same way, every single horrible event that goes on in the world is an indicator that we are not heading in the right direction as a race. The victims would not want to believe such a thing, that evil has meaning, because it is easier to run then to confront the issue. By disregarding evil events as meaningless we stop asking the most important question of why? Sure we ask it, but it is almost as if we want it to be more rhetorical then real. Then we hop around to the closest targets, video games, movies etc.. the simplest things that can easily take the blame instead of having to ask ourselves the driving darker questions such as, “what would drive me to do something as evil as XYZ?”

When we are comfortable it is easy to disregard evil acts as anomalous and say to ourselves that we are incapable of ever committing evil acts. However, very good people can do very bad things if they are desperate, lonely, or severely damaged. In order to truly move to the next stage of humanity we really have to ask ourselves the hard questions and stop disregarding evil as something that is as random as a stormy day.

Evil Freedom Of Speech

We defend freedom of speech quite heavily, but what about when freedom of speech can be directly linked to mass murders and mass killings? New organizations, such as CNN, are supposed to be a public interest group and report news. They are not supposed to glorify mass murders and put them on to leader boards. Forensic psychologists know why a large amount of shootings happen, the shooters are looking for attention. When the Virginia Tech shooting happened, not only was the shooter placed on a leader board for the entire world to see, he sent press packages to the news organizations which then proceeded to shamelessly use them.

While many of my posts are objective view points about underlying moral principals, this particular issue is one that can be fixed some what easily. The victims of the shooter need to sue news organizations for the death of their loved ones. The shooter(s) own traits of arrogance and need for attention could be used against these organizations. They will more likely then not admit that they did the shootings out of a need for attention and that press coverage from organizations like CNN helped push them over the edge.

Freedom of speech is important but when speech is being utilized primarily for the need to raise ratings and money for private organizations it needs to be stopped when it can lead to mass murders. Humans are drawn to the exceptional, the unique events in life, this is why we slow down when we see a car crash or are drawn to news websites when we hear there is a disastrous event. It is entertaining because it is exceptional but that doesn’t make it right. Those causality numbers that CNN rhymes off so readily as a score are more then just numbers, they are actually people. While the majority of people might find it interesting, for the family of those victims, those numbers actually represent sadness and horror.

Chasing Harmony

Is it impossible to escape the capability for harmony. Everything has something in common, even complete opposites share the common characteristic of being opposite.

Harmony results from embracing the common. Whether it be the common interest for survival, love, happiness, or ascension, the root of all harmony is the common characteristics. This is the fundamental element needed for human ascension to Elolight. With recognition of the common, hope for Elolight can be forsaken.

However the pursuit of harmony can be a means to create a divide. A person can claim they are seeking harmony while simultaneously saying another group is not and therefore will create a rift against the other group. The people will separate themselves from the other group because they believe they do not share the same goals. Everyone needs to be vigilant of those who wish to claim they are seeking harmony in order to create more of a divide against an opposing group.

What do you believe the biggest hurdles to harmony are, and how can they be overcome?

Supernatural Musings

This blog post will be some what out of character for this Blog. My primary objective of this blog has been around the concept of Elolight, or rather the motivational capacity of God or God concept. I believe my belief has some uniqueness to it, however, this concept came from a series of different experiences in my life. The concept of Spirituality is the idea of reaching out to something beyond yourself. Science rejects this for good reason because it is not helpful to science. What spirituality does allow is a modifying of perception and this can lead to creativity and innovation. Below is an experience I had that I would classify as spiritual.

I once came across an ultra unique character named David while involved in religious debates online. David at a very young age hit his head and this damage caused him to have a series of problems and he was inconsistently coherent. He would talk on mic in random different languages. Then as if he became a completely different person he would begin to speak coherently and the things he said shook me to the core.

I began asking around about this particular character, it was difficult since most people shrugged him off as a schitzophrenic. I came across a woman who had various amounts of communication with him. She informed me of the brain damage he had received as a child. She also went on to say, “You may not believe me but on more then one occasion he has almost perfectly predicted future events.”

So I began talking to David, it was challenging at first but I soon figured out to communicate with him. He informed me of his brain damage he received as a child, he was was up front about it, and he told me that when it happened to him an Angel came to him and told him he would be divinely protected. When I asked him what his belief was, he informed me that he adhered to the belief of the Angels; a belief that can only be held that when you were exposed to directly to God and it was impossible to have any form of rejection. When I asked about this life, he informed me that it should be enjoyed because the afterlife is not the vacation, this is.

Most religions deal with an afterlife, almost none talk about a prelife. Our instincts are designed towards survival and because of this we build an afterlife based on this life. We enjoy this life thanks to our ego telling us it is the most amazing thing ever and we envision an afterlife where we are almost identical to ourselves now, living in a world that is very similar to the one we are living in now. So most religiously defined afterlife(s) are actually just a state of life extension derived from our instinctual desire to want to survive.

You are born into this life in a body you can’t escape, an intellectual capacity you did not define, and an environment you did not choose.

There is one philosophical musing that is touched on very rarely and that is the idea that the body is a prison for the soul. Imagine for a moment, as impossible as it seems, you are an entity in a divine realm full of possibilities and variables far beyond anything humans can comprehend. Let’s say in this realm you have a very vaguely related concept of good and evil, what would be a perfect punishment that has almost an infinite amount of possibilities? Organic life. You are born into this life in a body you can’t escape, an intellectual capacity you did not define, and an environment you did not choose. All of these things help to compose, through a series of complex reactions, what will be come to known as your life. This would explain all the unfairness that happens in life, we are all here because of something we did in another realm and in order for our justice to be true we cannot be allowed to remember what that thing was.

As heavy as this is, these ideas regardless of their truthfulness outline the idea of human restriction and something I believe that can be broken out of through the process of Elolight.