The Choice and The Attempt

In the book The Secret, the author gives the message that if you really want something and try hard enough – you will get it. Hypothetical situation, you have an ordinary rock on your front lawn. Theoretically how long do you think you would have to negotiate with it for it to give you 1 million dollars?

The reality of the world is that you don’t choose success, you choose to make attempts. If you’re in a sealed concrete room you can make the choice to attempt to escape but it doesn’t mean you are going to escape. When motivational speakers talk they say things like, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” when successful people talk they don’t say, “I made an attempt and was lucky enough to be successful.” What they usually say is, “I chose to be successful.”

This mentality that we can choose success is a huge lie, but also acts as a major disservice to the human race because it negates the need to get better. Another example, say you want to get the basket ball into the hoop. Before you do anything first you need to make sure there is a hoop and secondly you need to make sure you have a ball. If there is a hoop and you have a ball the next thing you can do is make an attempt at a shot. Now with practice your desired outcome can quickly get close to the actual outcome, but they may never actually perfectly align.

As we strive towards Elolight, a yard stick for our success is how close our desired outcomes are to our actual outcomes. The further we progress as a race, the closer these two things will get. So if you take anything away from this remember that you cannot choose a result, you can only attempt to get a result.


2 thoughts on “The Choice and The Attempt

  1. davidcanada

    A person does not buy a drill because they want a drill. They buy a drill because of what they really want in the end result…a hole. You can’t buy the hole….but you can obtain the tool that will do the thing that you want it to do.

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