Supernatural Musings

This blog post will be some what out of character for this Blog. My primary objective of this blog has been around the concept of Elolight, or rather the motivational capacity of God or God concept. I believe my belief has some uniqueness to it, however, this concept came from a series of different experiences in my life. The concept of Spirituality is the idea of reaching out to something beyond yourself. Science rejects this for good reason because it is not helpful to science. What spirituality does allow is a modifying of perception and this can lead to creativity and innovation. Below is an experience I had that I would classify as spiritual.

I once came across an ultra unique character named David while involved in religious debates online. David at a very young age hit his head and this damage caused him to have a series of problems and he was inconsistently coherent. He would talk on mic in random different languages. Then as if he became a completely different person he would begin to speak coherently and the things he said shook me to the core.

I began asking around about this particular character, it was difficult since most people shrugged him off as a schitzophrenic. I came across a woman who had various amounts of communication with him. She informed me of the brain damage he had received as a child. She also went on to say, “You may not believe me but on more then one occasion he has almost perfectly predicted future events.”

So I began talking to David, it was challenging at first but I soon figured out to communicate with him. He informed me of his brain damage he received as a child, he was was up front about it, and he told me that when it happened to him an Angel came to him and told him he would be divinely protected. When I asked him what his belief was, he informed me that he adhered to the belief of the Angels; a belief that can only be held that when you were exposed to directly to God and it was impossible to have any form of rejection. When I asked about this life, he informed me that it should be enjoyed because the afterlife is not the vacation, this is.

Most religions deal with an afterlife, almost none talk about a prelife. Our instincts are designed towards survival and because of this we build an afterlife based on this life. We enjoy this life thanks to our ego telling us it is the most amazing thing ever and we envision an afterlife where we are almost identical to ourselves now, living in a world that is very similar to the one we are living in now. So most religiously defined afterlife(s) are actually just a state of life extension derived from our instinctual desire to want to survive.

You are born into this life in a body you can’t escape, an intellectual capacity you did not define, and an environment you did not choose.

There is one philosophical musing that is touched on very rarely and that is the idea that the body is a prison for the soul. Imagine for a moment, as impossible as it seems, you are an entity in a divine realm full of possibilities and variables far beyond anything humans can comprehend. Let’s say in this realm you have a very vaguely related concept of good and evil, what would be a perfect punishment that has almost an infinite amount of possibilities? Organic life. You are born into this life in a body you can’t escape, an intellectual capacity you did not define, and an environment you did not choose. All of these things help to compose, through a series of complex reactions, what will be come to known as your life. This would explain all the unfairness that happens in life, we are all here because of something we did in another realm and in order for our justice to be true we cannot be allowed to remember what that thing was.

As heavy as this is, these ideas regardless of their truthfulness outline the idea of human restriction and something I believe that can be broken out of through the process of Elolight.


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