Chasing Harmony

Is it impossible to escape the capability for harmony. Everything has something in common, even complete opposites share the common characteristic of being opposite.

Harmony results from embracing the common. Whether it be the common interest for survival, love, happiness, or ascension, the root of all harmony is the common characteristics. This is the fundamental element needed for human ascension to Elolight. With recognition of the common, hope for Elolight can be forsaken.

However the pursuit of harmony can be a means to create a divide. A person can claim they are seeking harmony while simultaneously saying another group is not and therefore will create a rift against the other group. The people will separate themselves from the other group because they believe they do not share the same goals. Everyone needs to be vigilant of those who wish to claim they are seeking harmony in order to create more of a divide against an opposing group.

What do you believe the biggest hurdles to harmony are, and how can they be overcome?


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