Self Enslavement

Most of the modern world acknowledges that slavery is wrong. Slavery prevents humans from being flexible which is needed for the race to adapt to rapidly changing conditions in both technology and the environment. Once we have freedom one of the first things we try and do is figure out what we should enslave ourselves to. The major difference, of course, is that if you choose to follow something it is your choice and you weren’t forced into it by anyone else. However, instead we now have unconscious slavery which is actually superior to physical slavery because if you can convince someone to do something and make them believe it is their choice they will work much more aggressively.

The best example of this enslavement is through religion. Religious leaders will get adherents by presenting people all the benefits of joining a religion, leaving out the history, and then tell you, “it’s your choice.” Having grown up in the Church, I can tell you that there is no choice, it is an illusion. While you’re being moved emotionally by nice music the religious leaders will say that if you are feeling called that you need to convert. There is no long logical conversation, or weighing of options, the emotional atmosphere drives people to do the conversion. This is not limited to any one religion, all religions do this, and everyone who makes a conversion will say they felt compelled or knew it was the right thing to do. They ignore the fact that a manipulative environment was setup or that their choice wasn’t really a choice at all it was “life or death.” It’s not a choice, it is an ultimatum.

I talk about Elolight as a driving force but it is not a master and it also isn’t a choice. Even if you were never made aware of the idea that humanity is striving for something or even if you don’t believe in God, you are still moving the entire race forward. It might not be much but you’re still doing it. Even a person in complete suffering is moving the world in some form or another. Your actions merely affect the speed at which we move forward.

I don’t believe spirituality is about submission; I believe it is about progression

As religion is starting to break a new form of enslavement is arising and it is masking itself as spirituality. If anything can make you perfectly happy it is an enslavement. Joy and happiness are very important things but if anything promises you absolute happiness and peace it is disingenuous. Discontent moves the world, if humans stayed content we would all still be living in tents hunting every day. Imagine we had infinite resources, should we hook up everyone  to machines so they can live in a complete heavenly world while being pumped with drugs? While we think we want perfect peace and happiness the fact is we don’t; if that is all we had, there would be no value to joy and happiness they would become bland and boring. These new spiritual trends promise and may deliver this happiness by requesting you submit and accept things. They explain to us that we are not masters and we should simply submit to the “masters of the universe”.

We are the masters of the universe, the sun does not wish to own the universe, God does not wish to own the universe, but we do. If you believe in God all you need to do to prove this point is look at scriptures. In the old testament who was given the authority to name the animals? Gods of scriptures did not create this universe so that we could simply be puppets. Organic life is the only thing that could come to control the universe and the best creature that we are aware of that has this capability right now is the human race; all other creatures are simply concerned with getting tomorrow’s meal.

While I do talk about spirituality on this blog let me make the clear distinction that I don’t believe spirituality is about submission; I believe it is about progression. I truly believe that anyone who preaches submission based spirituality is only doing it so that they may be, by proxy, in control of you whether they know it or not.


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