Getting Lost

In Sanjay Gupta’s book chasing life a survey was done and it was discovered the majority of people would prefer to have a shorter life at full quality of life then to have a longer life with flickering at the end. Quality of life was seen as more important then length of life to the majority of people. Imagine for a moment that you were given two options and once you picked one you would forget you made the choice. The first choice is that you would live the next two weeks of your life doing incredible amazing things and by the end you will have the thought, “I could die now because I have done so much” and you actually did die. The second option is you could live to be 80 but you will never do anything exciting and instead you will report to the same job, doing the same thing every day, with a possibility that something might interesting will happen but nothing ever does.

Chasing life is a marathon which doesn’t have a finish line.

Most people choose the second option when deciding to make choices with their life but when it is said objectively the first option seems much preferable. There is an idiom that is constantly used and that is, “live your life like you will die tomorrow.” I don’t necessarily recommend this because you will probably find yourself the next day without a job and having set all your possessions on fire. The way you should live life is the way it truly is, you will die. It doesn’t matter how healthy you eat, how well you take care of body, or even if they find a cure for aging. You are going to die. Chasing life is a marathon which doesn’t have a finish line. This doesn’t mean that you should purposefully do things that will shorten life span, but you shouldn’t waste so much time on it that it replaces the life you could live.

Life shouldn’t be about doing the things that we are having robots do. The human experience is so much more then selling another trinket. Elolight is about creating improved sunsets, not contributing to a production complex only. One of the easiest ways to discover life is to purposefully get lost. Getting lost safely can lead to a world of discovery. You might feel getting lost will reduce your life span, but I can assure you that if you never get lost you will certainly never find anything.


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