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Naturalization & Happiness

In a video by Dan Gilbert he shows that there is data showing that after one year a person winning the lottery and a person becoming a paraplegic are both equally happy with the state of their lives. When we hear this we might instantly believe that this is completely absurd but when we look at our own lives we can deduct that this would be the case. Whether it is obtaining a house, a doctorate, or winning a million dollars we will ultimately naturalize. The average person may not be able to understand this because they are lacking something.

Imagine for a moment you’re in a desert about to die from dehydration, what would you give to get a glass of water? I would wager heavily you would offer up everything you own and could possibly own for that single glass of water. The rich will often say to the poor, “there is more to life then money” but that is akin to someone swimming in a pool telling the person about to die of thirst that water means nothing. We usually understate how important water is because we have magical faucets that can provide us seemingly unending amounts of it. Understanding contexts can allow us to understand why people that seemingly have everything can become so depressed that they can end their lives or get nasty drug habits. This can provide comfort to the envious to understand that the rich, emotionally, don’t feel any different then themselves.

If you have the world, you should build a new world you can’t have instead of throwing away the one you do.

Human naturalization is a huge threat to Elolight. Naturalization keeps pushing us to want more but it stops us from appreciating what we have already accomplished. If you received the opportunity to go into space, at first it would be absolutely amazing but the more time you spent in space it would increasingly become less interesting similar to riding the same roller coaster multiple times.

Naturalization is not so much a threat as long as it causes forward motion as opposed to regression. When people get to the top and either consciously or unconsciously start rolling back their state to a state of want, this can slow down our entire progression as a race. This seems completely absurd that anyone would do this but the desire for change can be so powerful that some humans might choose to roll back to acquire it. While rolling back can put someone into The Flow it might not ultimately have a positive outcome. We should always strive for positive change that pushes the entire race forward. If you have the world, you should build a new world you can’t have instead of throwing away the one you do.


The Human Condition

With the recent Bill Nye Video on creationism, I thought I would take the time to write about science and the human condition. The primary friction when it comes to the theory of evolution for the religious is that it would prove that God did not create us in a complete form but also that the religious text of genesis would be wrong. Scientists need to produce not only in lab results for macro evolution (not micro) but also for how amino acids could form proteins in the primordial soup. These are two things scientists will need to do to get the populous at large to believe in evolution, simply providing circumstantial evidence in the form of fossils is not enough. This will ultimately happen even if the timeline is unknown.

If people stop aging and getting sick, religious beliefs will be the least of our problems.

However, this whole debate is a little misplaced because in the grand scheme of things evolution will be the smallest thing that will affect mainstream religions. If we push the evolution debate to one side and then we push the belief in God to the other side below the surface we will see something else brewing. The things that are happening right now are mind boggling. First, we are on are way to curing cancer by modifying a patient’s own white blood cells. We are even regrowing organs and this is without using fetus stem cells. What used to be science fiction is becoming science fact. We are very well on our way to curing aging and even death by sickness.

Curing aging will fundamentally change society and not just for the religious. Death underlies a lot of successful businesses and dictates a lot of government policy. If people stop aging and getting sick, religious beliefs will be the least of our problems. We will have to deal with social programs, over population, and more. The implications of living a thousand years could mean you could literally do everything there is to do on this world, we have never had this issue before. People may become shut-ins minimizing any exterior physical risk to themselves so that there will never be any risk of dying. A lot of our willingness to take physical risks now is the fact that at some point we are going to die but what if that becomes no longer the case?

When these changes come and bubble to the surface a lot of people who were very sure of their beliefs may begin to question them. The things science is discovering right now will fundamentally change the way we think, act, and feel. Whether this is for the better or for the worse is yet to be seen but either way these changes are happening.

The Three Phases

When I talk about human progress and ultimately the idea of ascending I may write things that seem to be in conflict with each other but in reality I am discussing things at different stages in the process. Absolution of emotion and the development of new ways of feeling are a very late idea but at the current time emotion is necessary to guide us through the world of the corporeal. This distinction not only applies to my own beliefs but to the world at large. Long Term goals may not necessarily match short term goals or initial goals may be simply stepping stones for new ideas or objectives.

Generally speaking when I discuss things within reality such as managing emotions, motivation, and physical objectives I am talking about short term goals. When I am talking about things that are outside our current reality, I am discussing long term goals. An example would be me discussing human population of other planets versus moving past emotion. Since long vs short is highly relative and contextual, I will begin tagging what I consider short term goals to be first phase, intermediary goals to be second phase, and finally late goals to be third phase.

First Phase
This phase is the current phase we are in and the changes we can make are mostly social in nature. These changes can include political and economic changes. The changes we make in this phase will set us up to move into all other phases as smoothly as possible. Incorrect setup now could lead to some less then preferential circumstances in the future.

Second Phase
This phase will include technologies that will fundamentally change the human condition. These technologies are already in research or development and include nano technology, no cost manufacturing or item creation, and hyper biological advances such as the cure for aging, cancer, etc.. Finally, late second phase will include things like advanced space travel and human colonization of other planets. The things in this phase can be considered post humanism or broadly the H+ movement.

Third Phase
This phase is post post humanism or as I will call it H++. What the third phase truly is will not be readily visible to us until late second phase. The idea is that we will start progressing towards the concept of Elolight and there will be a separation of our physical selves and our consciousness. This detachment may ultimately lead to the discovery of new senses, emotions, and feelings. Furthermore, concepts such as our notions of good and evil will rapidly become completely irrelevant as scarcity will no longer be of any issue.

A New Driving Force

Deep within every religion, or every belief system, is an insidious truth that has been masked not by an organized conspiracy or a shady divine entity but instead it is concealed by ourselves. The Christian church will often quote a verse that states the wages of sin is death as they promote your eternal salvation and life. There is a problem with this belief because the reason any of us are alive is because of sin based on their belief. According to genesis it was eve sinning that forced them to procreate which lead to us. The christian framework doesn’t really support this because on one hand it says God loves us and then on the other hand says that God is not responsible for evil. If God did not Orchestate the events in the garden of Eden then God never had any intention of any of us living and if he did he is responsible for orchestrating sin.

However, I am not particularly interested in that debate because of regardless of the outcome I know something else to be true. Our world is not moved by good, it is moved by selfishness masquerading as good. Let’s take two very hyperbolic examples Starbucks and murder. One is good and the other one is evil but both of them utilize the exact same method and belief system. In one you had the creator of Starbucks do something to try and modify the world so it could be made a better place for himself. In the other situation (murder) you have someone taking a life in order to modify their world in an attempt (be it a very bad one) to change their world. Now we have a majority agreement that murder is bad since none of us want to be murdered and we have come to the conclusion that this particular selfishness should not be allowed.

Every religion on the planet has one primary objective and that is to indulge our most selfish deepest desires. There is nothing more selfish then wanting to live forever and this desire is so deep religions promise it to get converts in droves. Even helping other is an investment in our personal selfishness because ultimately we do on to others as we want to have done to ourselves. This is all caused by our interpersonal independence driven by our ego that we are the most important thing in the universe. Humans are so important that God made an entire planet for us and everything it does has to involve us. We’re so great that it is completely fathomable that God would come as various humans because that only makes sense right?

Whether it is reaching a zen like state or building a futuristic reality they both have the goal of satisfying us.

Our arrogance is so great that we define everything by our standard. We are corrupt and we can’t avoid it because everything in us is about what we can get. We define spiritual truth by how it makes us feel not what is actually true. Individuality is defended aggressively because this desire feeds our deepest of selfish desires. Whether it is reaching a divine zen like state or building a futuristic reality they both have the goal of satisfying us. If evil is something to be avoided it is also the most powerful and influential force in the universe. All religions are setup to fail because their ultimate goal is about satisfying the self but we will ultimately want something more.

We will want more then heaven, we will want more then death, we will want more then life. If we define good and evil simply as events that positively or negatively affect us then there is no good or evil but just selfish forces of different colors designed to make the happy chemicals fire off in our brain. If we can’t escape our perpetual need to satisfy our corporeal selves there is no need to be concerned with the after-life and hell because we have already arrived. Don’t let yourself be fooled by those claiming not to be materialistic because the exchange of material goods in this world for a potential everlasting life in the next is satisfying the corporeal need to live forever.

Droidism and Cyborgs

Since we have started getting modern technology the idea of androids has been around us. The idea that we can have integrated biology and technology. While perfect integration doesn’t exist yet, we have all very much become androids. Most of us carry around smart phones now which can act as a map,  type writer, calculator, tv, flash light, photo/video camera, and it can even be used as a phone. We already take it for granted, but this technology in the form we have it today didn’t exist 10+ years ago. The only thing really missing from smart phone are tools to interact with physical environments.

So where is this all leading? The dream, to some, is to have integrated biology and technology. The first thing we need in order to do this is biological batteries and this is already being developed. So is our future to have our body riddled with various forms of foreign technology? The answer is, I believe, not what you would expect. Being human we like to believe our technology is something special but really what technology is is rudimentary artificial biology designed to do specific tasks. Take a car for instance, it consumes fuel (food) to generate energy to perform a motor function. A car is a microcosm of the human digestive system.

As our technology advances something will start to happen that we may have not predicted, technology will merge almost fully with biology and by this I mean technology and natural occurrences will seem almost indistinguishable. The future isn’t to have artificial technological devices throughout our body, instead, it is to have modified biology which performs the functions of technology that are indistinguishable from our regular bodies.

This will extend far past ourselves and our bodies. Things like trees could potentially be replaced by superior versions of themselves designed specifically to cater more to human society and provide things like improved pollution filtering. Bio engineers have already started rebuilding bacteria to produce crude oil. All of these things are signs of what is to come.

The Perfect Feeling

We are all obsessed with our feelings whether we acknowledge it or not. When evil acts happen around us we feel horrible and we are left asking ourselves why? The reality is a trait both good and evil share is they are both highly addictive. Most of us generally walk down the path of light because goodness corresponds directly to human survival. However, on both paths their is the hope of revelation. We are constantly hunting down the revelation of how the universe functions and by this I mean we seek to understand if the world is either good or evil. Many humans who witness injustice will feel deeply disturbed and try to right the wrong because the universe functioning the way they need is critical to their psyche.

The concepts we know as good and evil are nothing more then masks for our selfish desires and a veil to the prison we are in.

How can evil truly exist if every evil act we classify as evil can lead to positives? Shootings can draw communities together  and even make presidential candidates stop fighting and reflect. If evil is simply acts that would vanish with our demise then evil is not a persistent force. The reality is that the true evil of the universe, the invisible force that permeates all existence, is the fight. The concepts we know as good and evil are nothing more then masks for our selfish desires and a veil to the prison we are in.

We all feel there is something wrong with the universe and even someone who feels they have discovered the truth through religion longs to leave this universe. This idea has been with us since Plato and The Allegory of the Cave. All pleasure and pain is ultimately short lived but the war in our universe will continue until we choose to stop.

We all desire to gain more of certain feelings such as happiness, peace, or power. All of these feelings are fleeting because they are merely reactions to an imperfect world. We are designed to pursue these feelings because they satisfy the biological. Even meditation, the “hallmark” of spirituality, is merely a feeling to suppress the negative feeling of noise and chaos. So what is the perfect feeling?

The perfect feeling is not a sensation like we traditionally know it, it can be seen as post-peace. It’s an existence in a self perpetuating presence that is void of chaos and corruption. If one gains the feeling in this reality it is momentary at best. If one feels the perfect feeling, the moment they leave it, it will change to something else because the feeling can’t be felt or understood within the confines of our chaotic subjective existence. It can’t be compared to other feelings because it is only a feeling because there is no other close word for it. This 4th dimensional feeling can only be felt from within itself and this is what we are striving for with ascension.

Changing The World

There is a deep rooted desire in nearly everyone to change the world. It would be nice to think that this desire was rooted in some deep rooted need to evolve but the reality is it is not. The people that usually have this desire the strongest, on average, are really only wanting to change their personal world and by this they wish to change the world so that they can improve their own lives or maintain the life they have always lived.

When we talk about real change what we are talking about is disruption. It’s ideas so great that it can scare people, ideas that take significant risk to proclaim. Looking at religious figures such as Jesus or even Muhammad of Islam they achieved change not by pleasing everyone but instead challenging everything. They burned bridges with those that did not fit in with their world view regardless of how popular or unpopular it would make them. Many times people follow something that they believe is fundamentally different or world changing but are actually adhering to beliefs or ethics to satisfy some form of socioeconomic gain.

The view of changing the world is used often by politicians to manipulate the masses. They will say things like, “what I do doesn’t make me popular” when in actuality what they are doing is preferred by the majority and not the minority. Their majority will then feel emboldened believing they are doing something exceptional by siding with a “rogue” leader when in actuality they are merely playing into the hands of the politician. If a politician truly did a true change it would be equally hated by everyone and if their change managed to get success they would then gain fanatical believers.

15% of the US population could not read this blog post.

If politicians don’t orchestrate manipulative events to try and get votes they are merely popularity puppets entertaining a some what average populous who is trying to find every minor defect outside of issues to try and validate a single human’s ability to be a leader. The political state of the world is something that needs to be fundamentally changed. Why radical ideas can be cancerous, complete lack of radical ideas will get us no where. Popular ideas are concerned with superfluous things that do not transcend a person’s life such as paying the bills. America is so obsessed with paying bills that they can not see that the entire foundation of their country is rotting because nearly 15% of their population cannot even read this blog post. It doesn’t matter what social policies you have or tax rates you have on the rich when your entire population is getting dumber. This is not progress.

We must become obsessed with things beyond ourselves in order to get real and true change. There will always be hardships and bills to pay until we truly scare ourselves with new thinking.