A New Driving Force

Deep within every religion, or every belief system, is an insidious truth that has been masked not by an organized conspiracy or a shady divine entity but instead it is concealed by ourselves. The Christian church will often quote a verse that states the wages of sin is death as they promote your eternal salvation and life. There is a problem with this belief because the reason any of us are alive is because of sin based on their belief. According to genesis it was eve sinning that forced them to procreate which lead to us. The christian framework doesn’t really support this because on one hand it says God loves us and then on the other hand says that God is not responsible for evil. If God did not Orchestate the events in the garden of Eden then God never had any intention of any of us living and if he did he is responsible for orchestrating sin.

However, I am not particularly interested in that debate because of regardless of the outcome I know something else to be true. Our world is not moved by good, it is moved by selfishness masquerading as good. Let’s take two very hyperbolic examples Starbucks and murder. One is good and the other one is evil but both of them utilize the exact same method and belief system. In one you had the creator of Starbucks do something to try and modify the world so it could be made a better place for himself. In the other situation (murder) you have someone taking a life in order to modify their world in an attempt (be it a very bad one) to change their world. Now we have a majority agreement that murder is bad since none of us want to be murdered and we have come to the conclusion that this particular selfishness should not be allowed.

Every religion on the planet has one primary objective and that is to indulge our most selfish deepest desires. There is nothing more selfish then wanting to live forever and this desire is so deep religions promise it to get converts in droves. Even helping other is an investment in our personal selfishness because ultimately we do on to others as we want to have done to ourselves. This is all caused by our interpersonal independence driven by our ego that we are the most important thing in the universe. Humans are so important that God made an entire planet for us and everything it does has to involve us. We’re so great that it is completely fathomable that God would come as various humans because that only makes sense right?

Whether it is reaching a zen like state or building a futuristic reality they both have the goal of satisfying us.

Our arrogance is so great that we define everything by our standard. We are corrupt and we can’t avoid it because everything in us is about what we can get. We define spiritual truth by how it makes us feel not what is actually true. Individuality is defended aggressively because this desire feeds our deepest of selfish desires. Whether it is reaching a divine zen like state or building a futuristic reality they both have the goal of satisfying us. If evil is something to be avoided it is also the most powerful and influential force in the universe. All religions are setup to fail because their ultimate goal is about satisfying the self but we will ultimately want something more.

We will want more then heaven, we will want more then death, we will want more then life. If we define good and evil simply as events that positively or negatively affect us then there is no good or evil but just selfish forces of different colors designed to make the happy chemicals fire off in our brain. If we can’t escape our perpetual need to satisfy our corporeal selves there is no need to be concerned with the after-life and hell because we have already arrived. Don’t let yourself be fooled by those claiming not to be materialistic because the exchange of material goods in this world for a potential everlasting life in the next is satisfying the corporeal need to live forever.


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