The Three Phases

When I talk about human progress and ultimately the idea of ascending I may write things that seem to be in conflict with each other but in reality I am discussing things at different stages in the process. Absolution of emotion and the development of new ways of feeling are a very late idea but at the current time emotion is necessary to guide us through the world of the corporeal. This distinction not only applies to my own beliefs but to the world at large. Long Term goals may not necessarily match short term goals or initial goals may be simply stepping stones for new ideas or objectives.

Generally speaking when I discuss things within reality such as managing emotions, motivation, and physical objectives I am talking about short term goals. When I am talking about things that are outside our current reality, I am discussing long term goals. An example would be me discussing human population of other planets versus moving past emotion. Since long vs short is highly relative and contextual, I will begin tagging what I consider short term goals to be first phase, intermediary goals to be second phase, and finally late goals to be third phase.

First Phase
This phase is the current phase we are in and the changes we can make are mostly social in nature. These changes can include political and economic changes. The changes we make in this phase will set us up to move into all other phases as smoothly as possible. Incorrect setup now could lead to some less then preferential circumstances in the future.

Second Phase
This phase will include technologies that will fundamentally change the human condition. These technologies are already in research or development and include nano technology, no cost manufacturing or item creation, and hyper biological advances such as the cure for aging, cancer, etc.. Finally, late second phase will include things like advanced space travel and human colonization of other planets. The things in this phase can be considered post humanism or broadly the H+ movement.

Third Phase
This phase is post post humanism or as I will call it H++. What the third phase truly is will not be readily visible to us until late second phase. The idea is that we will start progressing towards the concept of Elolight and there will be a separation of our physical selves and our consciousness. This detachment may ultimately lead to the discovery of new senses, emotions, and feelings. Furthermore, concepts such as our notions of good and evil will rapidly become completely irrelevant as scarcity will no longer be of any issue.


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