Government’s Role

A large debate that is always going on when it comes to government is what role the government should play. Some believe that the government’s role should be to act as a legislator to level the playing field while others think that the role of government should be larger encompassing things such as social programs.

The debate of the role of government exists only because true democracy doesn’t exist. The reality is that the government actually only has one role and that is to facilitate the transfer/spend of socially collected funds (taxes) to the most utilitarian of causes as dictated by the populous.

If the population at large wants regulation of markets then the government should transfer funds in support of that request. The problem of roles emerges because true democracy doesn’t actually exist and instead we have republic which is a group of politicians representing the population at large. While technology is getting to the point that true democracy could potentially exist, it is still unreasonable to have a true democracy at the current time.

Ideally government would not be for the people, it would be the people.

This lack of perfect communication with the population has lead to the need to define “roles” of the government to try and blanket cover what people are looking for. The government has always been an organization that is supposed to organize large and collective objectives of the human race. If you were to eliminate government, you would have private organizations emerge that would take on the same managerial roles that government has without the proper over sight.

There are large problems, of course, with current government. The primary issue is that the people who run the government also need to be paid which ultimately leads to a negative scenario when trying to properly transfer funds to large projects. There is also the issue that the people running the government can also be selfish and this can lead to the government not properly representing the people. Ideally government would not be for the people, it would be the people. There would be no intermediaries between the people and the legislative process. To achieve Elolight we will need to resolve the communication issues between government and the people. This will be the only way we can truly move out of the first phase.


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