Global Connect Initiative

One of the core element of Elolight is the need for unified communication. We have made great strides in this endeavor with things like the internet and the success of companies like facebook. However, there is a major problem with companies like facebook and that is the issue of control. Corporations not only have access to all the communication, they also have the capability to manipulate this communication. There is a better way and this way I am calling the Global Connect Initiative.

Unified communication must be decentralized, spread across multiple servers and multiple platforms. The peer-to-peer network must be able to be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and owned by no one person or organization. This might sound impossible but we have already the fundamental framework for this network in the blue prints established by p2p, and the internet. It is also possible to have a decentralized, yet encrypted and secure network as established by services like bitcoin. Money to support this decentralized network will be created by third party vendors providing apertures or views to access the network.

Each person’s information will be encrypted into a multi section encrypted block with the lowest block only being accessible by a user’s primary account. This lowest level blocks can modify the encryption of all above blocks. This sophistication will allow for various forms of public/private sharing in the public space. This will of course require a large amount of very talent individuals to bring this idea into fruition in the programming, encryption, and security fields. The network at large would have to be consulted to validate security and allow for access.

It is completely possible to have a decentralized, yet unified, communication network. If done properly it can get around all third party, corporate, or government interests. We must not allow our primary means of communication to be controlled by any single entity because this could lead to disaster. While much of our communication is superfluous in First Phase, this will not always be the case, so we must build a proper communication network now. This will be even more critical as we build a true, universal, global democracy where every human will have a say into the direction of the human race.


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