The Myth Motivator

At the core of everyone’s psychology there is a myth, an unverifiable but very power motivator which is behind any human ambition. All ambition is driven by the belief that there is the possibility that something can happen wrapped in a bubble of ideals. There is no human in existence who does not have some form of myth as a core driver of their psychology. Even in the case of a perfect scientist there will be the myth of perfect discovery or exceptional free will.

These myths permeate society and come in a variety of different forms from religion to fiction. The reality is many will not see a convergence of their myth with reality in their lifetimes. Many of those that do see a convergence will usually give value to other characteristics of themselves before biologically ordained ones to hold up their myth of the exceptional free will. While it is certainly true that the hyper intelligent and/or attractive individuals need to have certain characteristics to potentially become successful, the first are almost always a requirement.

Even in the case of a perfect scientist there will be the myth of perfect discovery or exceptional free will.

Much of our lives revolves around myth swapping, believing one thing and then when convergence is not realized, believing something else. If there is never a convergence or a convergence occurs, there is the possibility for disillusion. Without any form of illusion, Elolight, can never be reached. We must believe something can come into existence even if it seems impossible or even if it is out of reach by our current lives.

Sometimes myths may take on elaborate or, seemingly, magical characteristics. It is important however to see beyond those and see the true purpose of a myth. The glossy superfluous characteristics that may have been added to a myth is a way for their primary message to be easily transferred between humans in a non-threatening way. Almost all forms of art could be seen as a glossy wrapper for messages. Without context traversal or messaging you do not have art but instead have people or things. Even non lyrical music expresses the message of a variety of particular types of order.

Maturity is often represented as the dissolution of myth. This isn’t the case however, maturity is defined through restraint and conformity to established myths that have the greatest amount of utility to oneself. We move from believing in magical Santa Clause to believing that there is always a linear relationship between effort and accomplishment. The one thing we definitely don’t lose is our personal myths.


5 thoughts on “The Myth Motivator

  1. bert0001

    What about existentialist deconstruction … ? Is debunking all my myths, something i did in april and may this year a useless venture? Do i maybe still hold onto the myth of ‘being open to whatever comes’? Or is my last sentence some logical BS uttered by the mind that wants to hold on to a myth nomatter what?

    1. Jonathan Wagner Post author

      There is distinction between myths and ideals but it might seem subtle. An ideal is how you would like the world to function “appearance doesn’t matter” for example. A myth is an underlying core belief that plays a part in the construction of ideals. The other difference between a myth and an ideal, is that there is always some form of truth in a myth, no matter how small. An ideal can be completely wrong.

      An example is the flat earth myth, entirely wrong right? In the sense that the earth does have edges, yes, but parts of the earth are actually flat, that’s where the more hyperbolic myth originated from.

      I don’t think it is a bad thing to deconstruct your ideals, ideals can make your perspective on life blurry. If you attempt to deconstruct your personal myths you will just swap one for another.

      If you get a bit scientific, our entire world view through our eyes is a myth. A wall is actually a flurry of moving atoms but that is not what we see, we see a more understandable myth, something that is based on a truth but certainly is not the absolute truth.

      I would not avoid moving because my vision is lying to me, in this case the myth actually benefits my survival because being aware of the atoms, at this time in history, is not useful.

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