Changing People

People are constantly changing because we’re designed to change. However the human ego is highly resilient and we are all the center of the universe. While some can express humility or admit when they are wrong, most humans cannot be changed directly by other humans. In the case of fundamental change in the case of religious enlightenment, the people who are changed are usually looking to be changed before they come across any missionary. When people have conviction and have a yes/no answer to an argument, a resolution between the two can rarely be met. In a historical practical application this is why we have had religious wars. When it comes to changing people, you can’t make a rabbit spread wing and fly. However, it is possible to change people indirectly.

When two people engage in an argument it is because both have a large amount of conviction. The people who can be changed rarely have enough conviction to engage in arguments but they do listen. If your desire is to change people, it’s not about about a single person, it’s about everyone else. An argument is one of the best platforms to get your message out to the masses and should be treated as such. Forget trying to convince the person you’re arguing with to change but instead focus on everyone else around them. You cannot move an immovable rock, but you can move everything around it. Ultimately if you can change the world around someone, they will change their opinions when their instinctual desires to conform kick in, unless they are an Architect.

Politicians have utilized this tactic for as long as politics have existed. If you’re reading this post and wondering how to change a specific person in certain ways, there is only two tactics available, acceptance or compromise. If neither of those are an option then any effort you will make is a waste of time.  The human ego is too strong, in most cases, to be susceptible to direct manipulation.


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