Prophets in Other Species

Humanity has become a species of self evolution. Everything from our technology to our religions have evolved with us. The evolution of Judaism to Christianity could be perceived as a progressive evolutionary step in religion from a belief system that had laws on diets, slavery, and stoning to a more progressive belief system that did not need those rules or laws. One of the underlying concepts of all religions is the idea of a prophet, a person that has a radical or new idea that can change the minds of people. However, prophets don’t necessarily only express religious ideas but ideas on the universe as a whole.

Who was the first person to truly express the idea that the world was round or that electricity could be utilized to our benefit? When all the right variables fall into place a person will emerge that can fundamentally change the world. However, people rarely stop and think about if prophets can emerge in other species and I believe they can.

It is as big a revelation to them as us discovering the earth is not the center of the universe.

Imagine a group of monkeys who have never utilized tools before. If for whatever reason one of those monkeys decided to use a stick to get food, that monkey could be considered to be a prophet among its species. Now when we look at that we might think it is silly or endearing, however, to those monkeys it is a massive revelation. It is as big a revelation to them as us discovering the earth is not the center of the universe.

This line of thinking has some profound and possibly interesting implications. Under what circumstances do prophets emerge? If you’re spiritual, you could choose to believe that from the very first single cell organism to where we are at today, prophets have pushed us to the next level. The real question is, what major revelations will future prophets provide?


One thought on “Prophets in Other Species

  1. Raunak

    a beautiful post indeed. thought provoking!
    I love the concept of imagining one religion as an evolutionary product of another. Never saw it in that light before. Interesting stuff.


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