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There was a flower and it was the most beautiful flower on the planet,  just looking at it could put you into euphoria. There was two groups, one that was obsessed with keeping it from harm and another group who believed it should be destroyed because the flower also created the most dangerous poison in the world. Both equally justified, the two sides engaged in a bloody war. As the blood flowed it caused the flowers to begin spreading even more, the pro flower supporters took this as a sign. The pro flower supporters used the new volume of flowers to poison the water supplies of those who were against the flower. This further supported those who were against the flower and believed the flower only brought death. The anti flower supporters began to kill even more of the pro flower supporters which lead to even more flowers growing. As the last human stumbled through a field full of the flowers, bleeding to death, she came to the realization that the flower had not killed anyone, it was humans.

The war between Israel and Gaza brings up some valuable issues for the entire human race. The primary issue for me of the war is not about who is right, wrong, political, or religious issues. These issues we have always had wars about. The most important issue is about how we define good or how we justify actions. In the movies when a villain is holding a hostage the hero will always do something like shoot the gun out of their hand or steadily aim and take out the villain without harming the innocent. This is how we believe it should be and it makes us feel good.

We have all done it, it is easier to justify things then to confront them.

Real life isn’t so clean and there will always be split second decisions that have to be made that could cost the lives of the innocent. There seems to be a tendency to get caught up too much in reality and lose our focus on Elolight. There is only one word to describe innocent death and that is tragedy; it’s not a necessary evil or an accident. We all die and there will always be more humans but that does not mean there will always be ascension or evolution. There will always be people who will want to believe people, property, or ideas are holy. There is absolutely only one thing in the universe that is truly divine, and truly holy – our desire to ascend. How we believe we should ascend may vary greatly from person to person but the idea that we can is the only perfect thing in the universe because any possible perfection will derive from our need for it.

The slope from justification to regression is a steep one. We have brutal examples of this such as Stalin killing millions believing that the ends justify the means. We have all done it, it is easier to justify things then to confront them. Religion is in the business of justification, everything must be justified. Whether it is the promise of heaven for good deeds or the fear of hell, we like to justify our actions. The problem with justification is that it is almost never for the good of human race but instead it is for the good of ourselves.


Rejecting Purism

Humans tend to be in a constant need to inject purity in to everything. Whether it is is politics or religion, we want everything to be pure. All political systems are susceptible to corruption and people driven by their selfishness will figure out ways to abuse any system that is put in place whether it is a free market system or a social system. Free market idealists will believe that freedom can be achieved through inequality since people have more potential in either direction. Extreme socialists believe freedom is obtained through equalization where if we equalize resources, everyone will have more freedom to pursue other things things which will almost always be some form of artistic or intellectual en devour. The reality is that both systems have significant draw backs and we have enough history to come to this conclusion. With pure free market policies you can get slavery of different varieties and with socialism you can get long waiting times and technical stagnation.

We cannot and should not as a race accept purism because we as a race are not pure and nothing we create is perfect because we are in a constant state of evolution. This concept has been expressed negatively by religions by demeaning humans through illustrating our many imperfections. However, our imperfections should not be seen, necessarily, as wholly negative. Recognizable negative traits represent things the human race can improve on. Purism makes us accept imperfect political systems and believe in fallacies to justify a world of perfection.

Nature is completely perfect it and we must go out of our way to protect it or we have enough right now and can achieve perfect economic equalization through distribution are both common purist beliefs. Every one of these purist ideals and many more revolve around this idea that perfection exists some where in the world. The need to believe in purity even affects our relationships and we will put our relationships into harms way because we want to believe a particular relationship is perfect and impervious to outside influence.

Purity is what we are seeking with Elolight and not where we are at or what we have.