The End of Discovery

r317168_1406985A group of individuals stand on an observation deck of a space station over looking earth. They watch the blue orb below as a female voice talks to them, “This is earth, our originator. While it has the highest biological diversity in our galaxy, it also has the highest historical death toll of organic life.” A child no more then 10 years old who had went through flash education looks over at the woman, “What is your opinion of the great human exodus from earth?” The woman snaps back to reality from reading her rehearsed script from memory, “Well there was really no reason to leave. After the human race completed cellular re-calibration, there was nothing stopping us from living there indefinitely.” The woman paused for a moment and then breathing out said, “I am of the opinion that there is the hope that something new will emerge from it that can associate itself with us.” The child looked at the woman with an inquisitive look, “You mean you were of the opinion right? According to hyper quantum mechanics we can predict everything that will happen on that planet down to the atom.” The woman frowned a bit, “Yes, of course, I meant was of the opinion.”

There is a commonly held belief that as much as we discover, there will always be more. Another concept that is related to this is that even if we figured out how everything works in science, there will always be the spiritual realm to discover. What if there is a limit? A critical mass of knowledge that can explain everything. Let’s hypothetically imagine for a moment that through neurotheology we could explain things like spirituality, religion, and we even discover that, through some means we are currently not fully aware of, our brains are all communicating with each other and this explains everything from coincidence to remote viewing. How would we handle this?

If the universe is discovered and we can even explain spirituality, what would the future of humanity hold? This idea might be disastrous to some and I don’t think it would be limited to those deeply religious or spiritual individuals either. A lot of scientists, including famous atheist Richard Dawkins, believe that we don’t need religion because there is so much to be discovered in science. Science is an endless well of things that will astound us, that is the hope, but what if they are wrong? I also personally believe that a lot of scientists who maintain religious ties do so because they personally want to believe that there will always be something more for them to discover. Francis Collins, one of the primary directors of the human genome project, is an evangelical christian.

“This universe is nothing but a womb.”

There is a lot of different ideas about our existence such as us being the product of a divine entity, a product of chemical chance, and also that we are all God. If all those ideas were wrong, what would we be? We’re not a creation of a third party (God), we are not here simply by chemical chance (a mere bi-product of galaxy emergence), and we are also not God. So what are we? This might seem like a logical impossibility, surely one of those previous ideas has to be the correct one. There is another possible explanation and that is we are the birth place of that thing we call God or as I title the process, Elolight. This universe is nothing but a womb and every life form that emerges in it has nothing more then the potential of ripping a multidimensional tear in the universe to escape to a reality beyond this one. The biggest danger is not discovery, or that things will die, the biggest danger is that this universe will not give birth to its intended child.


4 thoughts on “The End of Discovery

  1. I am Sam

    I have always found your idea of elolight to be intriguing. But how do we justify it as the truth? Or is only a tenet of faith?

    1. Jonathan Wagner Post author

      The idea of Elolight is neither a truth or requires faith. It more of a blue print.

      Imagine for a moment that we discovered with 100% certainty that God did not exist, this is an impossibility, but let’s imagine we did. What would we do? Well there is a lot of things we could do, we could give up, we could survive, or we can build what we desire.

      The idea of Elolight is not to justify God’s existence, or to encourage some kind of blind faith. It is utilizing what we hold most dear to create a map of where we would like to go.

      I arrived at the concept of Elolight by looking at fundamental truths that can’t be denied. Humans don’t want to die, we want to be happy, and we are constantly improving ourselves. These three concepts can be grouped under a common idea of ascension, I didn’t want to use this word because of the religious connotations, so that is why I came up with the term Elolight.

      I believe it is an acceptable direction for the human race, we replace the fear of the unknown with direct purpose and we replace religion with mapping.

      I hope that makes sense.

  2. I am Sam

    I actually think your previous explanation in reply to my comment on the elolight page is much more simple and easy to understand. But this one deals more with the ascension idea. Which begs me to ask, how exactly does consciousness leave the human body other than through the usual methods of injury and death?

    1. Jonathan Wagner Post author

      This is why I don’t really like using the word Ascension because of the preconceived notions.

      I don’t necessarily know if it is possible for our consciousness to ever leave our bodies, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ascend. We can change our bodies and minds so much that it could essentially accomplish the same objective.

      Imagine how much we have changed since the first single cell organism. Now imagine how much we could change in the future with the added benefit of technology accelerating the same process.

      I will never profess, like some spiritual gurus, that the body can definitely separate from consciousness. However, even if it is not possible, pursuing that goal can help us move to the next level, whatever that next level may be. Here is a short blog post that is related


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