Everyone wants to be great and we all want to change the world. Some of us are lucky enough to get the chance to try. From a very young age, like many, I asked a lot of questions. I was raised in the world of Christianity, a place where major questions are supposed to be answered and the ones that can’t are stacked under a shield they call faith.

When analyzing all religions I came across one fundamental truth, they were all about what they could do for me, not how they could help me change the world. Christianity promised me Eternal life, Islam the same, and Buddhism wanted to put me at peace. Clearly Atheism was the choice but it only promised righteousness in the form of scientific facts and slotted me into an inescapable existentialism. Survival and trinkets of joy were simply not enough for me.

Something soon became very important to me and that was human dominance. How could humans gain more dominance beyond this world or possibly even this dimension? The answer was in God, a blue print we designed to explore something so great and beyond us that we were in a full fledged sprint for it. I had met so many different people of different beliefs that I came to realize that everyone believed they had the truth. I knew I couldn’t convince them to change but if I could come up with the right signals maybe, just maybe, I could push them in the same direction. Like a sea of row boats that all need to be pointed north.

I first began writing on MySpace and one of the first comments I received was that I changed their life. I decided that my ideas were worth spreading because one changed person could change the world and even if that person wasn’t me, it was worth it.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. SoundEagle

    Hi Raunak,

    Happy April to you! You mentioned that you “came to realize that everyone believed they had the truth.”

    SoundEagle can demonstrate in a similar way with the story of three blind persons probing the elephant: one probing the leg insists that the elephant is like a pole; the other probing the tail insists that the elephant is like a string; and the one probing the ear insists that the elephant is like a fan. Only the person who has probed the most or who is sighted can be regarded as the most informed, enlightened and correct about the elephant, which symbolises the reality or truth. And only this person is in the (best) position to judge, discern, decide, choose and understand.


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