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Conversation with an Atheist

1319049368159_ORIGINALHe sat across from me, a little confused, “You’re telling me you believe in God?” I nodded and I knew where this conversation was headed, “So you believe all that stuff in the bible, you think it is all true?” I shook my head, “No I do not.” I could tell the common line of arguments were already lining up, the common atheist rhetoric that is used mostly to target those with a belief forged by the necessity of human capacity. I began to speak, “I don’t have a common belief in God I…” as if to try and catch me off guard he quickly interjected, “easter bunny.” I sighed and he continued, “God is no more real then the Easter Bunny or a flying spaghetti monster.”
“You forgot Santa Clause.”
“Exactly! how can you believe something that could of so easily been made up?”
“To assert that God is as real as a flying spaghetti monster is to assert that if God were real that God would be tangible. Theoretically if the flying spaghetti monster were real I would be able to reach out and touch it, this does not apply to God in my opinion. You could compare an intangible concept such as God is as real as karma, or love, or anger. However using fictional physical tangible entities to disprove an intangible one is a little silly.”
“This still does not prove that God is not fictional.”
“True, but my belief system does not have the necessity of God actually existing. While it would be nice, it by no means is a requirement for me.”
This was clearly not what he was expecting but none the less, defiant, he continued, “Well if God is so great why does he let suffering happen?” I laughed a little, “Why should he stop it?”
“Because God can.”
“So you assume that if God existed he has to be good or conform to some human trait that you have defined. You clearly admit that you don’t believe in God yet you seem to have a clear understanding of what its personality should be if God did exist.”
“It doesn’t make any sense though, why would God create something to let it suffer?”
“Well first, you’re making the mistake that I believe that God created us as a completed entity, which I don’t. Even if God did create us in the current state we are in right now, truly that cannot be a final state, but let me get back to your original question. Suffering is freedom. If we were incapable of making bad choices we would be no different then anything else, we would be complete automatons without any freedom whatsoever.”
“So you believe God created evil,” he said frustrated.
“No, we created evil as a way of defining things that make us less progressive as a race. Even if there was some kind of supernatural forces in play, it would be the same thing, a force stopping us from progressing as a race.”
“But there is zero proof of God! We are figuring out everything! We used to think we were the center of the universe. Surely you don’t think evolution is false?”
“Where I believe we came from does not factor at all into any belief I may have about God. While there may not be proof that God exists, we have circumstantial proof in the form of microcosms. Everything we don’t think God could be possible of, we’re doing. We’re creating artificial universes and intelligence. Despite the fact that we are a combination of multiple independent personalities, we are capable of working as a group to create a cohesive universe. If we were to create a universe with life, how would they fathom us?”
“So you believe God could just be some hyper intelligent entity or race that created us?” he said with a laugh.
“That is possible but, honestly, impossible to know. There is something more important then that though. It is how we relate to God that is important. You see everything we are trying to accomplish is represented in God as an epitome. Science is a way of gaining knowledge, God is all knowing. Art is the discovery of the meta physical, God is perfect meta. Philanthropy is represented in God as love.” his demeanor suddenly changed, he became curious, “do you think there is a correct religion? Do you think everyone is worshiping the same God?”
“This is where I disagree with Oprah. Every religion is not worshiping the same God, they are worshiping aspects. Further each religion we have today is characterized by primary traits. Christianity is love, Islam is majesty, and other religions are tradition. Each of these characteristics when combined make a singular personality. Of course they don’t see it that way, each system believes they can exist without the others. That would be like a warrior incapable of disciple or compassion. So what we get is war.”
“I still don’t believe in God, but you have done a better job convincing me then anyone I have met, but I just don’t feel it is reasonable.”
“That is understandable, what is reasonable is affected by time. If I could time travel 5000 years into the past it would be fairly unreasonable to ask those people to build me an airplane. What is truly unreasonable is that many atheists are completely aware that it is a logical impossibility to prove a negative yet they will write entire books on how something doesn’t exist. At the end of the day if God doesn’t exist that doesn’t bother me because it means we have something we can build.”


Epitome #2: Logic / Science

When the earth was spinning and swirling around the sun, humans were fighting over if it was flat or not. Reality didn’t care what our beliefs were, it moved along despite us. However the drive towards Elolight forced us into the realm of discovery and lead us to discover a more realistic view of our universe. A common belief across almost all modern day religions is the idea that God is all knowing, and there is no illusion that this characteristic is what scientists are pursuing. The need to know how everything functions is at the root of all science.

As far as we have come, there is still much we do not know. However, to understand function doesn’t necessarily grant the understanding of purpose, but it definitely helps.

Epitome #1: Philanthropy / Love

Of the three branches of ultimate human aspiration, Love is the most emotional. In fact it is so powerful that most people would choose to rather define it, while others try to reduce its importance and effects by explaining it over scientifically or saying it is simple chemicals. However, the human aspiration of love is one of the most currently known important aspirations there is. While reduction may seem naive, the primary trait of love and philanthropy is giving. Unfortunately in our current state we are incapable of pure love or pure giving, since even the purest form of giving has the selfish intent of try to improve the world which would ultimately affect the individual expressing the love.

Our selfishness to improve the world for ourselves by improving it for others is not a bad thing however, it is the driving force behind Elolight, and the latent selfishness will be present until such time we arrive at the ultimate destination. That said, all philanthropy should only be done for one true reason, you do to others as you would want done to yourself. If Love and philanthropy is expressed as a means of gaining power, recognition, or any other purpose besides improving the world from one self, corruption can quickly arise. We all know someone who uses Love and Philanthropy in such a way, to make themselves look righteous or to improve their personal quality of life, and I am sure those who have been exposed to such individuals know how easily it is for them to turn against you or act in corrupt ways. The true value of Philanthropy to Elolight is improving the world for oneself by improving it for all others, not in short term gains.