In looking at human progression one of the largest motivators of the human race has been the God concept. In the past it was discovering God and now sometimes it is disproving God. In both the positive and negative, God is a motivator. The idealistic God that people now choose to believe in represents the epitome of human aspiration. To define this concept I have created the word “Elolight” a term derived from the monotheistic God Elohim and light which is a mystical term for instantaneous knowledge. Elolight is not a new God, instead it is a concept designed to move the human race forward in all ways technologically, spiritually, politically, and economically.

1. Verb: Ascension

This represents the human’s capability or the possibility of consciousness leaving the human body. Further ascension also represents gaining new levels of comprehension that we currently do not possess. In addition, it also represents the process of accomplishing the previous tasks.

2. Noun: Destination

The destination could be considered ‘God’ however in the process of Eolight new levels of comprehension would be obtained, making our current understandings or beliefs in the destination invalid. One could use the term Elolight to refer to all previous unsophisticated manifestations of the God concept such as Jesus, Zeus, or Thor as primitive elolight. However, it is very important to understand that primitive Elolight is not Elolight, and Elolight does not possess human characteristics or tangibility.

3. Adjective: Quality

The third usage represents defining things which go into Elolight. For instance love could be described as highly Elolightistic. It helps define things which contribute to ascension, and the destination.


Elolight represents a destination, and the purpose of the concept is to encourage the forward motion of humanity. Every branch of humanity, science, philanthropy, and art all represent a process of Elolight for obtaining the current epitomes of human aspiration. At the current time these would be logic (science), love (philanthropy), and maps (art). However as we approach Elolight, further aspiration will emerge as we gain levels of aspiration, ideas I will explore in further blog posts.

The Symbol

Symbols are very important because they allow for the expression of complex ideas very rapidly. When developing the symbol I looked for current or existing symbols and recombined them to come up with a symbol that would best express the concept of Elolight. The circle represents life or all the primary elements that support one’s life, and the straight line reflects an escape. The hook and the circle are derived from the symbol of ares (God of War), but unlike the symbol of ares the circle is broken to represent peace or the end of the war, and the hook is in the opposite direction (mirrored) to also represent the end of conflict in general. A high resolution of this logo can be found here.



Symbol of Elolight


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    1. Jonathan Wagner Post author

      In regards to luck, I would suggest reading information regarding “the clustering illusion”, there is some good information on wikipedia about it. Most of what he seems to be talking about is indulgence of the ego.

      Elolight will not necessarily make you happy, Elolight is designed to make sure you are moving in a way that benefits the entire human race. There are lots of way to become happy, the easiest is through simply being ignorant. The more ignorant you become the easier it is to be happy. The second is through artificial means such as a drugs. Thirdly indulging in instinctual desires such as sex/food/etc.. and then lastly there is accomplishment.

      Self improvement may be a part of Elolight but the primary driving force is how does the human race get to a posthuman state as quickly as possible.

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